Sunday, November 13, 2011

Republican contenders on US action against Iran

Herman Cain & Ron Paul

"One thing you can know is if we elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. If you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon."

-- Mitt Romney

"There are a number of ways to be smart about Iran, and a few ways to be stupid. The (Obama) administration skipped all the ways to be smart."

-- Newt Gingrich

The eight competing Republican candidates for next years US Presidential elections debated what US foreign policy should be, in particular with regards to Iran.

Mitt Romney has vowed that he would stop obtaining a nuclear weapon through a preemptive military strike.

On the other hand Herman Cain has stated that the proper and only way to effectively stop Iran is through economic sanctions.

Congressman Ron Paul has aptly stated that "it's not worthwhile to go to war."


Anonymous said...

the republican candidates were mostly stupid and mostly shameless i pandering to the more ignorant elements of the republican party.

Anonymous said...

we had Such a laugh. although not funny anymore.

mat said...

Fact : The real strength of the whole U.S. military force capabilities is only 40 - 50 percents. The rest is merely a psychological war propaganda. To strike or attack the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran is just absolutely not like eating a slice of butter cake as you can see now.

Anonymous said...

If these are the people who're going to be future leaders of the US, God save America.

Anonymous said...

fact: mat is talking nonsense. real strength of US military is 10 times greater than sufficient for destroying Iranian regime.
US military could be sitting in restaurants in Tehran eating all butter cake in a month.

while sipping beer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:18 AM

I hope the beer is served ice cold.

Anonymous said...

November 14, 2011 10:18 AM

Russia and China clearly do not support Iran as Iran wants them to support . But if Iran is captured then Russia's only tool of military dominance in the region (any sensible person knows why) and China's only route to Middle east dominance is doomed. Do you think Russia and China will tolerate that ? If you think that Russia and China will remain silent then you will be shocked to see another Korean war like incident and this time ...."nuclear" .Dream with your 10 times powerful army which gets busted by Afghan farmers .

Anonymous said...

Russia has no ability to establish military dominance in the region and China is uninterested in military dominance.

China and Russia will voice concerns, they sure won't do any fighting for the theocratic regime.

You're being silly.

Anonymous said...

Let them have their bomb, who cares, what's going to change if they have the capability to make one bomb, they can't use it, the only thing it does is give the Regieme leverage just like it has with north korea. They will rattle the cage and say we need these sanctions lifted or will nuke israeli or we need this or we'll nuke israeli.

And if they are dumb enough to use it against other nuclear power, they'll be wiped out in a retalitory attack, so what would using it accomplish.