Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iran not to bow to pressure

"Anybody who may think of aggressions on the Islamic Republic should make itself ready to receive strong slaps and iron fists from Iranian Army, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Basij and in one word from Iranian great nation."

-- Ayatollah Khameini

Following this weeks IAEA report that states there is "credible" evidence that Iran is seeking to obtain nuclear weapons Iranian officials have stated they will not back down from nuclear activities due to western pressure.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijan made clear that Iran will never change its path due to/in the face of western pressure.

These comments come shortly after U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated that Washington was considering ways of imposing additional pressure on Iran.


Anonymous said...

china/russia declined any new sanctions against iran.

forget all media propaganda.
the dogs are barking and the carawane push along

The american/Israeli barks are barking and today iran signed new Contract with russai for building new nuke plants

Anonymous said...

I'm sure America is shaking in its boots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54 PM

Nuke power plants and bombs wont save the regime against its own people.

Anonymous said...

Israel's been making these threats for a decade now. I wonder how many missiles Iran has built during that period?

Anonymous said...

No, but I am sure America is BANKRUPT & DEADBEAT.

Anonymous said...

---today iran signed new Contract with russai for building new nuke plants---

no, I don't think that any new contract was signed. There was one signed for nuclear power plants in 1992 and another in 1995 that hasn't done much for Iran. Put a bunch of iranian money in Russian pockets though.

The Russians also signed a contract to deliver S300 air defense systems to Iran. The Russians got paid a pretty fair amount of money for signing that contract . The iranians look foolish and not much else.

oh, and neither China nor Russia is gonna be declining any new sanctions on Iran....all that they're declining is to take part in military action against the regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:48 PM

That very "BANKRUPT & DEADBEAT" America can still flatten Iran in 96 hours.

Anonymous said...

Must be really heartbreaking for the bomb Iran cretins this week. Firstly, Russia and China won't play along, even the US gets the usual cold feet as both Panetta and Mullen get a dose of reality and acknowledge that a military confrontation with Iran is a road to ruin.

Now a pip-squek imported Zionist entity, squatting on Arab land, strutting on bankrupt US taxpayer funded weapons, led by a globally recognized LIAR like Nothing Yahoo has painted itself in a corner with so many hollow threats and so little time.

And to top it all, Iranians have gotten so dismissive about these weekly hollow threats that no one even cares about what kind of garbage is peddled in the Zionist media anymore. Even hookers in the Amsterdam red-light district have more credibility that the Zionist cowardly warmongers. Oh, well let's wait for the next round of "imminent attack on Iran" stories in 2012.

I am sure the lonely Debka ladies in their low rent Tel-Aviv apartment spreading New Year gossip and fantasies have got it all figured out between their clownish gas warfare drills with rubber ducks and plastic flamingoes. Oh, yes Iran will be attacked indeed, ONLY BY WISHFUL THINKING if nothing else.

Stay tuned for more entertainment and holiday cheer for thanksgiving when over 70 million Americans are on foodstamps, homeless, jobless and hopeless. Majority of US college grads can't even find jobs at McDonalds and a suicidal war will really make their job prospects really bright when the cost of a gallon of gas tops $10 or more. All this warmongering makes perfect economic sense eh. As if Iraq and the endless Afghan quagmire is not enough. Oh, yeah let's open another front at Zionist behest. As AIPAC henchmen Wolfowitz and Richrad Perle sitting in the safe sanctuary of their Washington hovels said "real men go to Tehran". Indeed.

A war in the Persian Gulf and the destruction of the world's energy resources would be great "boost" for the much awaited US "economic recovery" and EU problems, and will surley do wonders to pacify the occupy Wallstreet crowds and the dwindling middle-class. BTW, where is Mansoor, our intrepid used cars salesman and his Mexican cartel Saudi caper amigos these days? I am sure Juan Pablo in between cocaine snorts has figured out where the Persian Gulf is finally? Who said that comedy was dead in the US along with its deadbeat economy?

Anonymous said...

@ anon November 10, 2011 6:46 PM

If senseless bragging and braggadocio was an Olympic Sport, I am certain that America would indeed go for the gold.

However LOSING to Afghan farmers for a decade and bankrupting the deadbeat economy may put a damper on the gold quest eh....

Anonymous said...

---the Afghanistan war hasn't been all that costly and certain;y hasn't bankrupted America.

and while America isn't winning much of anything in Afghanistan, it did manage to kick the Taliban out of power in a couple of weeks employing air power and only a couple of hundred US ground troops.

it wouldn't be much better for Iran

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, America had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now it has no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash.

Anonymous said...

Iran... glad I'm not you.

Anonymous said...

"America can still flatten Iran in 96 hours."

Why would they want to "flatten" Iran in '96 hours', anyway???Do you even know the size of Iran?? I bet you can't even locate it on a map even if it's marked in red.Dude you sound more suicidal and delusional than the average native guy in your adopted country.

This is typical of most exile Iranian wannabes with their inferiority complex. They always outdo their host country in everything - especially in stupidity just to prove their loyalty.So much a*s kissing just to hold on to a pathetic green card.

You always hear them harping on like this: We're Persians, No We're Persian-Americans, No We're American-Persians, No wait We're....American-Ayranians, Naaa We're Ayranian-Americans. Ok we're Americans..A truly confused bunch.

If the US could attack Iran, they would've done so 30 years ago when Iran was at her weakest and it doesn't look like they have any plans to attack now or ever.It doesn't stop you from having your lets-bomb-Ayran wet dreams, though.Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

americans cant sustain a long war as it will destroy its economy and lead to default

Anonymous said...

Within a few days after the start of the coming corrective maintenanace action agaist Iran NATO will own the skys over Iran and do what it wants.

In the first hour Israeli commandos will destroy key nuclear facilities in Iran, (with the help of many Iranians) after they are picked up the USA will hit those facilities with TAC dirty nucs (those facilities will not be used
again for a few hundred years).

After a few weeks Iran will no longer have major militay capabilities, they will only have men with hand held wepons. Iran will no longer have a navy or air force (they may want to move those to Russia now, to save them).

Nato will not hit Irans Oil infrastructure, it will hit some natural gas infrastructure.

If Israel is hit with some missles and a few thousand die, Iran's leadership will be hit (even hiding behind thousands of women & childern will not stop that from happening) Hizbulla will suffer massive losses, Israel will gain land in Lebanon.

If Syria attacks Israel it will be by stopped by Israeli ground forces, NATO and the growing people in Syria against Assad, (estimated to be over 55 thousand military defectors), Syrian leadership will no longer exsist after this corrective maintanence action is completed.

Iran will be left holding a few pilots & commandos that did not make it home......they will torture these people and show them off on international tv, Iran will claim that they achieved victory by surviving (as all muslim countries do after being severely defeated in combat).

Oil will spike high and then drop back down within a few days, Iran stands no chance of closing the straits of Hormuz or stopping oil flow from the Araibian gulf, about 7.5 mbpb out of about 13.5 mbpd now bypasses the Araibian gulf anyway + this number will grow by 3.25 mbpd within two years.

Too bad Nato, US and Israel do not put "Boots on the ground" in Iran so that it can become part of the free world again!

Anonymous said...

Why would they want to "flatten" Iran in 96 hours anyway???Do you know even the size of Iran??

Why because the regime is asking for it and America's armed force were designed to fight the mighty soviet union.Who is the regime in Tehran to stop the US if they so choose to attack Iran and flatten every standing infrastructure throughout its 1,648,000 sq km territory.
You say I am in exile in that case what are you doing typing your dross on your computer while in the West because you wont be able to use Uskowi in your mullah infested Iran due to the theocracies fears on freedom of speech which you are given the liberty of in the West.
There are 8 million exiles abroad are you saying they are not Iranian?
By reading your nonsense it has proven to me what limited knowledge and vulgar thoughts go through your mind which is perfectly natural coming from a person who supports a very backward and retarded theocratic regime.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:25 PM

Your statement is nothing, but mumbo jumbo BS which will not translate into reality.

Keep dreaming.