Thursday, November 17, 2011

IAEA proposes high-level mission to Iran

"Our technical experts have spent years painstakingly and objectively analysing a huge quantity of information from a wide variety of independent sources, including from a number of member states, from the agency's own efforts and from information provided by Iran itself. The agency finds the information to be, overall, credible."

"It is consistent in terms of technical content, individuals and organisations involved, and timeframes. The information indicates that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device."

-- IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano

The IAEA Director-General has proposed sending a high-level mission to Iran following fears with what he states is the "credible" information the IAEA has accumulated that suggests there is a military dimension to Iran's nuclear program, and that it has carried out and may continue to carry out activities relating to the development of a nuclear bomb.

He also hinted there may also be undeclared nuclear materials and activities going on relating to Iran's nuclear program and therefore hopes a date for a visit will be agreed upon soon.


B.M.A said...

IRAN'S NUCLEAR PURSUIT-IAEA'S credible evidence that never was!!.

Paul Idon has brought as a report from the director of IAEA Mr Amano which He intends to send a high level mission to IRAN.He says that His technical experts have spent years painstakingly and objectively analysing a huge quantity of information......He therefore says the information indicates that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the developement of nuclear explosive devise!


technical experts,spending years painstaingly analysing a huge quantity of information from 'credible' sources can not convince the world that the IAEA and Mr Amano in particular is saying the truth!! and this can not be used as a cridible evidence to build a case for a war against IRAN.IRAN SHOULD NOT BE INVADED simply because a 'credible' information was released by experts in the IAEA!!-and this is one amongst the many reasons why we see AMANO a stooge and a dangerous official who must resign -and here comes the reason "AREN'T THESE EXPERTS THE SAME ONES WHO CONVISED THE WHOLE WORLD THAT SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD WMD AND NATO RELIED UPON THIS CREDIBLE INFORMATION TO WAGE A MERCILLES WAR THAT KILLED MANY CIVILIANS AND DESTROYED IRAQ!paving way to its temporary occupation and plunder of its oil!.Here again is IAEA rising the red flag and beating the war drums,it wants the world to believe wants Nato to invade Iran and it wants everyone to believe that its experts are in fact angels,Mr Amano may think that He has authority but in the eyes of all humanity HE IS JUST LIKE MORENO OCAMPO headind a useless World body that aplies selective justice upon its members.Just take this case on the side of OCAMPO HE ISSUES AN ARREST WARRANT FOR GADDAFI ,GADDAFI IS KILLED befor he appears in court!a credible and independ court would demand justice or the arrest of the killer of GADDAFI.but arcording to law aplied by OCAMPO sADDAM WAS A CRIMINAL, BUT BLAIR AND BUSH WHO INVADED A COUNTRY RELYNG ON FLAWED INFORMATION IS INNOCENT!.


Mr Amano says that He wants to send a high LEVEL delegation to IRAN to rise the issues He has.THIS IS A PRELUDE TO A WAR!! today the world is too smart to learn the tricks used by IAEA.BEING an unindependent body how sure are we that AMANO WON'T SEND CIA ,OR MOSSAD AGENTS IN TEHRAN? A SHAMELESLY manupulated organisation like the IAEA can not be trusted to be sincere in its aims.and when the world say that this orgaisation is compromised it is not just a matter of name calling!- here is te reallity and puzzle disturbing every human being-HAS the IAEA DISTURBED ITSELF TO MAKE AN ANAYSIS ON THE ISRAELI NUCLEAR ASERNAL? what logic behind rushing a high level mission to IRAN a country suspected of having a dummy nuclear warhead but no such visit to DIMONA?.


hE IS ALSO HINTING that there may also be undeclared nuclear materials and activities going on in IRAN !! WHAT AN EFFORT!! but the world has its own question to ask the IAEA and this is one among them-WHY DID ISRAEL HELP THE THEN APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA REGIME that was under sanction to built an atomic plant testing it in 1979 to the glee of the US and THE WEST earning praises instead of condemnation ,this succesful testfiring prompted the then apartheid Leader Mr Bortha to saY "I CAN WIPE OUT ALL THE PEOPLE AND ANIMALS IN AFRICA BUT SPARE THE BUILDINGS AND THE MINERALS".But may be what IAEA can do is explain what criteria it uses to allow the USA,BRITAIN,CHINA,RUSSIA,FRANCE,INDIA.PAKISTAN.ITALY,NORTH KOREA etc as being good countries commanding benovelent nuclear arms but IRAN MUST BE STOPED AT ALL COST BY THE IAEA!!.


It IS for these reasons that all humanity should be terrified for being governed by world instutions that threaten humanity at the behest of powerful countries!! and the IAEA IS AMONG THEM!!.

Speculare said...

In the duration of anthropologically "recent" human existance, 10s of thousands of years, homo sapien finally arrived at fission weapon discovery only ~70 years ago... it has been a very dangerous period, however, the more advanced of the species are not about to allow any more rougue regime's like that of N Korea to obtain the capability. This is like allowing irresponsible, ideological children to play with explosives... the Iranian regime craves the weapon and labors in darkness, secrecy and mountain caves to advance the effort.

I support a global nuclear fuel enrichment "bank", closely monitored and regulated, for all those seeking peaceful nuclear power and radio-medicine. Both N Korea and Iranian regimes are laboring in caves and undeground facilities to advance weapons programs- if these and others are allowed to follow, in the years ahead, this will certainly lead to catastrophy.

J Robert Oppenheimer "I have become the destroyer of worlds" in quoting He points to the moment in which we now stand- nuclear proliferation- into the hands of fools.

Anonymous said...

-------VIENNA — The U.N. atomic agency's new resolution on Iran criticizes Tehran's nuclear defiance but, in a concession to Russia and China, does not set an ultimatum for allowing a probe of its alleged secret work on atomic weapons.

The document, obtained by The Associated Press, is expected to be circulated and voted on Friday by the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation board.------

Iran either changes course or splatters on the windshield.

it takes a long time to line up the entire Security Counsel. Once they are lined up, it'll be a bit late to stop what'll be coming towrd iran.

Speculare said...

Anon 7:04

More than a small minority of analysts believe that the regime in Tehran actually encourages an attack. Details on this are rather sensitive, regardless, one can say openly that the Iranian people will be disappointed in the result, while the regime will use the attack as justification for full spectrum domination of Iranian society, and 100% effort towards nuclear weapons. [This] diverts attention away from failing economy, allows for emergence of military rule, and provides cover for force projection into region. i.e. this is exactly what the regime wants... hence all of the statements:
-"Israel is a one bomb event"
-"Drive Israel into the Sea"
-"Death to America" etc etc.

Ajad has been barking "come and get us" for quite some time... all the more reason to proceed with caution. The world community must stand as one against such threat. These are good tests for the new order to hone the requisite skills.

Anonymous said...


the Iranian regime can be contained and left to wither.

first Syria
then the disarming of Hezbollah and the integration of the missiles into the hands of the Lebanese military rather than the party of subversion.

the people of Iran can take care of overthrowing the regime that stands on their neck.

nwospook said...

"the people of Iran can take care of overthrowing the regime that stands on their neck."

As Iranian youth watch Syrian regtime kill thousands (now approaching 3500 dead) they must certainly be afraid. That said, the Saui royals will not sit back and allow Iranian regime to advance threat into the Kingdom.

Saudis have correctly interpreted the information, the threat, the objective, and the required action.

Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud:
"God Almighty, in His wisdom, tests the faithful by allowing such calamities to happen. But He, in His mercy, also provides us with the will and determination, generated by faith, to enable us to transform such tragedies into great achievements, and crises that seem debilitating are transformed into opportunities for the advancement of humanity." Your words for America in 2001 You may come to reflect upon when Iranian regime believes itself strong enough to test your resolve.

Anonymous said...

What regime sows regime will bountifully reap that also includes nuclear Armageddon.