Saturday, November 26, 2011

Americans See Iran as Threat to US National Security

A new public opinion poll on Iran conducted by Quinnipiac University has found that the Americans see Iran as a threat to US national security.

  • 88 percent of Americans say Iran is a threat to US national security.
  • 60 percent say sanctions are not an effective tool for stopping Iran’s nuclear program.
  • 55 percent oppose immediate military action against Iran, while 36 percent support it.
  • 50 percent say the US should use force if sanctions fail, while 36 percent oppose a military strike.

“Americans are very concerned about the development of an Iranian nuclear program and don’t think the current policy of economic sanctions is effective,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Voters are not yet to the point that they want the US military to stop it, but 50 per cent say that if the sanctions eventually prove to be ineffective, then they would support the use of force”

 [UPI, 26 November].

If Israel takes action against Iran, 46 per cent say the United States should support the move, 44 per cent favor neutrality and only six per cent say the US should oppose it.

The institute surveyed 2,552 registered voters between 14-20 November.

Source: UPI


mat said...

Most americans are good people but the very well-known world's most Zionist-controlled U.S. administrations have made fool of them to believing that Iran's peaceful nuclear energy installations are being diverted into acquiring nuclear weapons which so far can't yet be proved. What about the Zionist Regime of Israel which is in possession of about 250-300 units of suspected nuclear arsenals? What cowardly U.S.'s !

redz said...

well to be honest the national security threat is vague idea cos considering how stupid majority of Americans are they would say most countries even European are a security threat

76 of young Americans see china as a national secruity threat so its kinda the same

Anonymous said...

Well, by all respect ! but the Americans are not so famous for being the cleverest of nations.

Anonymous said...

I can bet most of them can't even point Iran on the map even if it's circled in red..

Iran couldn't care less what some poll says..Let the US warmongers deceive themselves with some "feel good" poll results and launch a war on Iran..

Nader Uskowi said...

It’s dangerous to dismiss the power of public opinion, be it in America or in Iran. This poll shows that the image of Iran among ordinary Americans has diminished beyond belief. The Iranians need to understand the reasons, being angry at the result of a poll does not solve any issue. Yes, the public opinion can be and often are influenced by the policies of the governments, in America or in Iran or anywhere else. But something more serious is at work here. For more than thirty years, the American public has seen hatred coming from Iran: the occupation and hostage-taking at the American embassy in the first year of the revolution; the 30+ year practice of burning the American flag, the symbol of unity and pride of a nation; the 30+ years of chanting Death to America, so much so that an outsider might thing this is part of the Iranian national anthem.

What do you expect? These types of behavior do not diminish the American government; they only destroy the good will of the American people towards Iran and unite them with their government on policies against Iran. Counterproductive, as the poll results here show.

The cooler heads must prevail. Iran needs to stop its message of hate toward the Americans. The US needs to resolve its differences with Iran through non-military means. Public opinions change, so will this one.

Anonymous said...

The image of Iran in America was shaped by the Khomeini's holding hostages and offering a reward for the murder of a writer

Speculare said...

Nader, a well reasoned and responsible response, however I would remind that at any time a large scale engineered event, a sensational provocation may occur "again" as casus belli for initiating extensive military action.

There is no enmity toward the Iranian people, in fact I very much wish for media to stop referring to the threat as "Iranian" when it is the "Iranian regime" that is the problem, not the citizens. Moreover, there is great empathy for the Iranian people, they are viewed as captives of a regime that slowly and insidously tightens its grip.

The IRGC with its present psychological, meniacal and amoral value system will not be tolerated... the world cannot accept another North Korea, with nuclear weapons.

re the American people
- the people have no clue, they are not part of the decision support system, even the President is little more than a salesman used to "communicate" - the Power has made a decision, the day nears. For 10 years every effort has been advanced to encourage the regime to join the progressive free world and turn away from the authoritarian model.

Consider the first paragraph, and remember, this likely is not to begin from the U.S.

Unknown said...

If our enemies were not considered a threat then how else could we justify spending 50% of our budget on the military.

Anonymous said...

The only way Iran can resolve the situation with America is for the regime to collapse because there is no way this regime wants to cooperate with the US it would mean the death of the theocracy.

nwospook said...

Anon 10:03 PM,

True. All options that have been on the table, have been exhausted, except for one.

Containment is not an option, and they were given every opportunity to join the world community.

Iranian citizens still have limited time to press for democratic rule... very limited time.

When [it] occurs, be ready to take back your government. When the door is kicked down, storm in and take back your freedom. It may not happen again for a long time. This is it, be ready.