Friday, November 25, 2011

Iran Basij Force Stages Large Military Parade in Tehran

Gen. Firouzabadi, Iran's top uniformed officer, reviewing Basij Force elements.
The wall on the left is that of the former US embassy compound in Tehran.

Iran Basij (Militia) Force today staged what it reported to be a 50,000-strong military parade in Tehran in front of the former US Embassy compound. Iran’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi told basijis that the country would respond to any foreign threat with full force. He added that if the US and Israel want to attack Iran, they should be prepared to “pay the price.” [ISNA, 25 November].

Photos: Bajij Force military parade. Tehran, 25 November 2011. ISNA, Fars New Agency


Anonymous said...

This show of force by the basij isn't against America but it's against the will of the Iranian people and is a sign of desperation.
They say that there are 10 million basij in Iran.So where are they then?
They say 50000 basij were there but according to sources there were under 23000 basij solders there.

Anonymous said...

Basij infantry elements appear very similar to those back in 1988, apart from the woodland camo BDUs. None of the rank and file appear old enough to have any battle experience.

Basij antiriot elements appear to have received the most attention, in terms of equipment/gear upgrades. Use of blue/gold IRGC type emblems makes them harder to distinguish from IRGC cadre elements.

The top Basij leadership appears very unathletic.

If Firouzabadi's exhortations are to be followed up on, this force really has it's work cut out for it. It's going to require a lot of human and material resources to get them up to speed..

Anonymous said...

Dear uninformed commenter.

No one is old enough these days to have battle experience. The war ended 23 years ago.

The IRGC recently took over the Basiji forces.

Firouzabadi is more of a political figure than a military one.

Anonymous said...

this forces is 100 times more stronger than army in 1980 to 1988 this forces hold the front line other wise iran was gone long time ago but in this week almost 450000 forces would be partecipated in few majore cities i believe iran prepearing for majore war by next weeks to come by cuting iran oil and financial instetuition you asking war againest the country and donot be suprised tomorow open your eyes iran strike UAE and and take intire persian gulf area and syria in face of war againest jordan and israel to come it is all forces is line up to just order must reach to them my point since usa dictated iaea report regard of iran nuclear issue last week may be keep iran bussy for internal problem and usa focuse on arab world for color revolution but this plan may not work for them because iran may know usa plan and as every one see more pressure rise all around the area plus got to apoint war brick up any time soon.

nwospook said...

In Iran Iraq war, Saddam Hussein had extensively mined a region where IRGC wanted to advance a forward position... the IRGC sent the Basij to run ahead and clear the fields (not knowing what waits, the kids were blown apart... ) the promise of 40 virgins upon death another reflection of this "leadership"

Anonymous said...

These poor basij by sacrificing their lives made the mullahs and their useless family's and hangers on rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.
Now that they've realized that they were duped by this charlatan of a regime may be it's time for the elements within the basij and armed forces to chastise them and send them back where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Commander of Quds has said if America attacks he is willing to die.
Don't worry either America or the Iranian people will make sure your wish comes true.

mat said...

Both, the US, the world's most terror, devil, hypocrite and bully nation and its master, the Zionist Regime State of Israel, the world's most paranoid, condemned, coward, hypocrite, evil and bully nation, have been talking, and talking, and talking and planning, and planning, and planning of attacking the MIGHTY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, the most powerful nation (militarily) in the whole region of the Middle East, since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. A 32 years of talking and planning of attacking the PERSIAN LION ! Could anyone imagine Iran of today compared to Iran of yesterday. Congratulation to the world's slave no.1 and its master. And don't forget China and Russia.

mat said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14

Believe it or not, there were U.S. rank and file that were still in the U.S. Army or reservists, during the cold war right through the 60's, following service in WWII.

The Basij is now in the command structure of the IRGC, but as these photos demonstrate they retain an organizational structure based on Basij officers.

Firouzabadi wears a Basij officers uniform, and is present at the parade as the most senior officer.

Anonymous said...

I can see that Iran is ready for World War One and Firouzabadi as it's most senior officer that explains everything that is pathetic and comical about this mad regime in Tehran.
God help the Iranian people from these idiots.