Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Talks of War with Iran “Delusional” - Israel Defense Minister

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak today played down speculation that Israel intended to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.

“War is not a picnic. We want a picnic. We don't want a war,” Barak told Radio Israel. “Israel had not yet decided to embark on any operation,” he added [Reuters, 8 November].

Barak called Israeli media speculation that he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided to attack Iran “delusional.” But all options to curb Tehran's nuclear ambitions should remain open, Barak added.


Anonymous said...

Oh Damn..Backing off so soon, is it??? These Israelis are so full of SH*T..

They go about making threats and then when they can't stand the heat they back off with all kinds of excuses.Cowards they are.

Their latest media blitz was a well orchestrated psy-ops campaign to get something from their lackeys in the West to put more sanctions on Iran.Seems to have fizzled out so now they're backtracking..

Again, Israel will fight those damn Iranians to the last American blood and treasure. COWARDS!!!

Anonymous said...

These weekly delusional "news" and "comments" about an imminent "attack" on Iran are beyond absurd. NO ONE CAN OR WILL ATTACK IRAN.

I believe that even the entertainment value has even gone from such wishful delusions.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of drugs these armchair warmongering "attack Iran" loonies are on?

Even a totally whacked-out war junkie on a bad acid trip would know that for the first time in its illegal 60 odd year occupation of Palestine, the Zionist entity would face a nation at least 12 times its size that can really hit back on multiple fronts. The imported Zionists simply don't have the strategic mass or manpower to take on Iran, a nation with over 75 million people and a landmass over ten thousand times its puny size (crazy Saddam with unlimited western arms and Arab money and manpower could not do it while Iran was at its weakest).

Even the lonely ladies spreading malicious gossip from their low-rent Tel-Aviv Debka rumor mill have finally figured that out. LOL.

Here is the abbreviated Debka version of latest "attack Iran" fantasy:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) new agency Fars headlined a threat Sunday, Nov. 6: Four Iranian missiles can destroy tiny Israel, said the paper in Tehran's first reaction to the flood of conflicting reports about a possible Israel attack on Iran's nuclear sites.

The writer of the Fars story is identified by debkafile's Iranian sources as Saad-allah Zarey, its senior military commentator and a crony of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He stressed that the four missiles capable of causing the Zionist entity a million casualties would be conventional.

What Zarey may be referring to are the stubborn rumors going around Western intelligence circles since early 2005 that during the breakup of the Soviet Union, Tehran laid hands on black market nuclear cruise missiles from the Ukraine and 3 to 5 more from Belarus.

debkafile cites a BBC report of March 18, 2005:

Ukrainian arms dealers smuggled 18 nuclear-capable cruise missiles to Iran and China in 1999-2001, Ukraine's prosecutor-general has said. The Soviet-era Kh-55 missiles - also known as X-55s - have a maximum range of 2,500km. They are launched by long-range bombers. The Kh-55, known in the West as the AS-15, is designed to carry a nuclear warhead with a 200-kiloton yield.

Our military sources add that with these missiles in hand, Iranian warplanes could bombard Israel 1,200 kilometers away without leaving their own air space.


I wonder if any of the armchair anti-Iran warmongering delusions really know what instigating a conflict in the world's most energy rich tinder-box really means to the global economy and humanity in general? I would seriously doubt if 5 million imported Zionists who have never been accepted by a single person in the region would be able to last long in a such a suicidal venture? Nukes or no nukes this scenario is simply not on the cards.

Zionists murdering unarmed Palestinian women and children is one thing, but fighting a no holds barred war of endless attrition against Iran is totally another case? Rest assured no such war will ever take place.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of drugs these armchair warmongering "attack Iran" loonies are on?

Your so full of it that its made you see no further than your nose and that is stuck up Israels backside which you interpret as a Zionist eclipse.

Anonymous said...


why not?

NATO, or the US alone, certainly can attack Iran and harm it grievously.

Anonymous said...

FaceBook & You Tube & Google will defeat Iran, soon all cell phones will be confiscated in Iran.

Anonymous said...

"FaceBook & You Tube & Google will defeat Iran, soon all cell phones will be confiscated in Iran."

You're such a dreamer..They tried clumsily and failed miserably in 2009.Want a repeat???
Do some reading..it helps :)

Anonymous said...

Anon November 9, 3:01, wake up my friend, your mind is a terrible thing to waste!