Saturday, November 12, 2011

Commanding General of IRGC Base Killed in Today’s Explosions - Updated

Two consecutive explosions at an IRGC base in west Tehran have killed IRGC Brig. Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghadam and 16 other IRGC Guards, and injured 16. The explosions hit the main facilities at IRGC Amir-al-Mo’menin base, where Gen. Tehrani Moghadam was the commanding general, as well as a nearby installation. The base is the headquarters of IRGC 'Self-Reliance Jihad' center, tasked with developing arms and missiles. Gen. Tehrani Moghadam was regarded as a leading expert in ballistic missiles and taught at the prestigious Imam Hossein University (IHU) which is partly funded by IRGC.

The site of the explosions was also reportedly a storage facility for some of the country's long-range ballistic missiles, such as Shahab-3. An IRGC spokesman has denied reports that the blasts were linked to warhead tests and the country's nuclear program.


Anonymous said...

This story is a total fabrication.

My friend Amir from the IRGC, told me that the explosions occured at the largest baby milk factory in Iran and no people were hurt.

All news from outside Iran is big lies!!!!

How come you report this fabrication?

Anonymous said...

"This story is a total fabrication."

How can it be a fabrication when the info is coming from the IRGC spokesman himself??


Anonymous said...


it didn't go over everyone's head....quite droll.

Anonymous said...