Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iran Navy warships headed toward Mediterranean Sea

According to Reuters:

Two Iranian war ships planned to sail through the Suez canal en route to Syria on Wednesday, Israel's foreign minister said, describing the move as a "provocation" by Tehran.

Iran's semi-official Fars news agency had reported on January 26 that Iranian navy cadets had been dispatched on a year-long training mission going via the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea and on through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Iran Navy flotilla contains IRIS Alvand (Alvand class frigate, hull no. 71) and IRIS Kharg (Kharg class replenishment ship, hull no. 431). File photos provided below. The two ships were last reported in Saudi Arabia on way to the Gulf of Aden, and now appear set to transit the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea.

Should this transit take place it will represent a symbolic assertion of Iranian power projection alongside what it considers "occupied Palestine."

(click photos to enlarge)
IRIS Alvand

IRIS Kharg

File photos: Majid Jamshidi and Hossein Zohrevand at FARS News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Who send a single frigate into hostile waters? Bold to the extreme.

I'm wondering if we might see a recreation of the Battle of the River Plate, of sorts.

Anonymous said...

Mark: Eh its open waters, no provocations whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Iran and Syria are close allies and it is natural for Iran as the primary regional power to show the flag. These ships are operating within international waters and have the right of passage under maritime agreements.

However, Iran really needs to develop a true blue water navy and upgrade its surface vessels and submarine fleet. The Zionist regime is full of cowards who can browbeat the Arabs, try messing with Iran and most of occupied Palestine will burn within an hour from Galilee to Ashdod as thousands of Shahabs, Zel Zel, Fajr, Sejil's and assorted Iranian and Hezbollah missiles will land on the ugly heads of Zionists.

This time most Zionists will run back to the ghettos of Europe and US if a final war breaks out. Even a minor barrage by Hezbollah lions in 2006 sent over a million cowardly Zionists packing and scurring to Cyprus, Europe, Canada and US. LOL.

Anonymous said...

... wonder what goodies Kharg is carrying for Syria.

Mark Pyruz said...

Anon: 2:06:

Tell that to the crew and passengers of the MV Mavi Marmara !

My initial comment should have read "potential hostile waters."

Anonymous said...

Mark, I understand your point. But the Zionist entity like any thuggish bully only attacks weak states or people that can't fight back. Attacking an Iranian ship in international waters would bring instant retaliation from Iran and its allies.

The Turkish regime, particularly the military is a US stooge and was hardly expected to retaliate against the wanton murder of its citizens. The Turkish military general staff is totally under US aegis and not expected to stand up to the Zionists. It was indeed disgraceful that the Turkish government impotently accepted the murder of its citizens on the Gaza Peace Flotilla in cold-blood and in international waters.

Anyone who knows the workings of Iranian military and strategic thinking of the Artesh and IRGC should know full well that any Zionist military attack on Iranian assets would bring horrendous results and unforeseen consequences in the region and beyond.

Iran and Turkey are totally different cases. The Turks have proved no different than the Arabs in accepting humiliation atthe hands of the Zionist thugs. Imagine Turkey the "second largest" NATO nation with a population of 75 million not being able to stand up to 5 million imported Zionist criminals strutting on deadbeat US taxpayer funded weapons and economic charity.

RevoIran said...

Death to dictator. Speak truth to lies and counter state propaganda.

Anonymous said...

So the Arabs are a bunch of cowardly wimps eh? Well the Lebanese and Palestinians who have been fighting Israel for 60 years just so happen to be Arab.

Once we see Iranians actually put their money where their loud mouth is and retaliate for nuclear scientist assassinations and stuntex then you Iranian tough guys can talk.

Anonymous said...

300 million Arabs have been owned by a bunch of corrupt pimps and wimps passing for an army that has been soundly defeated at least 3 times by 5 million imported Zionists. Hezbollah is the only expection, first being Shia and secondly supported by Iran.

Please let's keep it real about the Arabs and their "military prowess".

In the 1980's crazy Saddam supported by most of the Arab world, with unlimited US/European support, state of the art weaponry and even illegal chemical weapons could not defeat Iran, when Iran was as its weakest. Do you really think that Arabs are doing better now? Most Arab states have been created by imperialists and are still colonies of the Zionists and the neo-imperialists.

Anonymous said...

Insulting Arabs and Turks and etc. in the name of Iran is the work of MI6.

Divide and rule.

Iranians, Turks and Arabs are descent people. Historic allies and friends culturaly and politicaly for centuries before the western Adam and Eve climed down their trees.

So do not let them divide you.
its like the Shia Sunni thing, The Hindu Pakistani thing, the Northern Ireland Catholics and Protestant thing.

pee on it and smile


Anonymous said...

I suppose Israel is going to order Egypt to close it on Iran at the last minute.

yet another reason to claim the Egyptian so called revolution has failed

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.45am you're naively confusing Arab regimes, brutal western-backed dictatorships with Arab people.

As an Arab I'm sick and tired of this constant confusion and mis-characterisation of the Arab people.

Arab people DID NOT support Iran/Iraq war.

Also get over the whole Persian vs. Arabian gulf thing, call it what you want. The French and British just happen to have different names for the body of water between then and they don't have to make it an international issue.

Anonymous said...

@February 17, 2011 5:52 AM

My comments were directed at the Zionist/US/UK installed Arab "leaders" like the pimps of the House of Saud and the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms. The Arab street is generally pro-Iran despite the propaganda of their leaders. However, as the old saying goes, people deserve the government that they get. Arabs in general really need to get their dignity back as over 200 years of colonial rule has stifled them. Their treatment of imprisoned and cornered Gaza is another case in point. WHY DON'T THE ANGRY ARAB STREET BACK HAMAS (who won an election) AND THE REAL PALESTINIAN NATIONALISTS? rather than the ageing US installed corrupt sell-out Mahmoud Abbas? Why don't the Arabs get moved by the pathetic images coming from Lebanon and Palestine of the Zionist brutalities? The Arab people really need to chart a more dignified course free of enslavement.

Anonymous said...

@February 17, 2011 6:50 AM

What do you see happening right now in Tunis/Egypt/Algeria/Yemen/Bahrain/Libya?

Do you think it's been an easy thing considering how the West/US/EU have backed these brutal dictators to the max against their people. Don't you remember the French foreign minister offering to send French troops to back Ben Ali?

Also did you know that in Egypt the revolutionary movement was born out of young people who were part of the anti-iraq war movement and the movement for ending the siege of Gaza?

Who told you the arab people (I don't say street because we don't live in the street, we live in houses) don't support hamas? Everyone knows people like Harir, Abbas, Mubarak are a bunch of US cronies, why do you think all the Arab people were celebrating when Mubarak was overthrown? And in the 2006 war people were putting up pictures of Nasrallah in Al Azhar in Egypt.

Don't forget that it took the Iranians quite a few decades to get rid of THEIR western backed loser, US-cronie, DICKtator too.

We're all in the same boat, this is our region, not US/Israeli, and we should be ware of plots to sow discord among us.

Anonymous said...

@ last anon

ignore some insulting remardks, They are not Iranians by Culture.
We are all Brothers and sisters, and these supposed differences are artificial and created to divide.

yes they are British

Anonymous said...

that is good seeing the ISraelis losing it.

They have no more shame in directly ordering Eypt to block Iran.

Egypt is destined to eventually come towards Iran, that is the reason why

Anonymous said...

It will take a year or two until Israelis lose their grips on Egypt and Jordan, The Persian Gulf countzries will have to openly support Iran and not pretend otherwise .

US and the rest will one day go But IRAN was, is and shall be there, like a big brother :)

Live with it