Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iran Lifts Restrictions on Fuel Delivery to Afghanistan

Iran announced today that it is lifting all restrictions on fuel trucks entering into Afghanistan. The partial blockade of trucks carrying fuel into Afghanistan started in mid-December and resulted in serious fuel shortage in the country. The Iranian action provoked angry demonstrations in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul and its consulate general in Herat, and two weeks ago the Afghan Chamber of Commerce issues a resolution calling on Afghan businesses to stop purchasing Iranian goods and services. Last week Afghanistan started to import millions of tons of fuel from Pakistan to ease the fuel shortage and bring down gasoline prices in the country.

The Iranian government had said its actions were designed to prevent the delivery of fuel to US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, although it never explained why the action came nearly ten years after the NATO troops entered the country. The government also did not specify why it now believed that the fuel was not going to be delivered to NATO forces.

The lifting of the restriction by Iran announced today should bring normalcy to trade and business ties between the two neighbors.


Anonymous said...

as long as they pay cash...

Anonymous said...

The stoppage was reflected in every hole, even the 76 demonstrators in Kabol given coverage.
But now , problem solved and nobody cares.
Bless Iran, these are the signs that Iran is on the right path.


Nader Uskowi said...

When Iran blockades fuel delivery, it is on the right path. When it lifts the blockade, it is on the right path. This is not analysis! If everything Iran does is correct, and is always on the right path, then why bother checking the news, the blogs, etc., they're correct!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uskowi,

As the saying goes,

Money is power, and politics is knowing "when" to use the power.

Irans. constant swinning against the stream, has made it a good chess player. The implicatuions of this move must not be obvious so as to avoid Nato counter meassures.


Anonymous said...

plz 4give spelling, i som,etime use smartphones or netbooks and my fingers are too thick :)