Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti-Government Demonstrations in Tehran: 25 Bahman (14 February)


Anonymous said...

I'm embarassed to be Iranian when I see stuff like this. A bunch of lat o loot running around like uneducated and frustrated children. If yelling and rioting ever got anyone anything the entire world would be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be more vandalism then rioting! Lock them up and for punishment send them to LA prisons for some rendition.

Anonymous said...

Every country has its anarchists (Germany, Greece, etc) but none are so reflected by the BBC/Fox union like that of the Iranian.

Defend Iran at whatever stage and discussions you talke part, lets exhaust these Motherf...ers.

If we lose, Irans disintegration is certain./ those claiming it to be about democracy are either ignorants or the enemy.

Nader Uskowi said...

“If we loose, Iran’s disintegration is certain.” I assume by “we” you mean the current government, and by losing you are referring to a loss by the current government to the opposition and its leaders. The problem with this analysis is the assumption that Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad are the only guarantors of Iran’s independence and territorial integrity. This is a false assumption as they are many patriotic Iranians among the opposition who have proved their dedication to their country who would not want Iran disintegrated. Among the current opposition leaders is Iran’s wartime prime minister during the eight-year war with Iraq. Go tell him that he was not fighting for Iran during those tough eight years.

These sorts of argument are typically used by the rulers. The shah always argued that without him Iran would disintegrate and big chunks of it would fall under the Soviet domination. Lately, Mubarak of Egypt was arguing along similar lines, without him the ancient country would seize to exist. What I am suggesting here is an invitation to all to oppose or favor the current government for the right reasons, and not for wrong reasons. The difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi, for example, is in their policies, not over who would want to keep the current borders intact for example. Framing the issues without sloganeering can help sharpen our arguments.

Anonymous said...

iran at this momment is on highest pick of revolution to put intire muslem world in to one flag the reality is comming closer than anyone anticipated by falling mobarak is turn to pakistan four country in side together will form strongest ever in the world. iran ,turky ,egypt,pakistan,and the other of smaller muslem nation will form strong power as ever and no one capable to shake them up by next 2 years the reality in form of muslem unification came to reality.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi,

It is all about bringing Iran into the Orbit and tearing it apart so as to control it better.
Stop trying to claim everything to be sloganeering when it is so obvious.
I voted Moussavi, but I can slap him now. I am sure there were MKO members who left that movement as soon as they picked up arms against Iran with Saddam.... same goes for us and the likes of "us"

And with "us" we dont mean Iran Govt.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 10:24 AM,

Thanks for your comments and clarifying what you meant by “we.” I understand your views better now. I share your concern about the territorial integrity of the country, but many people feel that way and such belief is not owned by any particular group.

You have volunteered telling us you had voted for Mousavi. Why? Now you are ready to slap him. Why? (And slapping is better than execution called for by the majority of Majlis members.)

Anonymous said...

Like Churchil who was a good war PM, but a misreable peace PM, Moussavi was a good War PM and now the realities have changed.

We voted for optimization, but it was kidnapped by opportunistic anti Iranians as regime cgange aspirations.. so I take my vote back and wait till calm is there and another Patriotic name turns up.. someone not contaminated and more clever.

Wanna slap him for not pulling the handbreak, his behaiviour is childish and originates from ahurt ego.. other words "pride" i believe one the 7 deadly sins.