Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protesters, Government Supporters Clash in Tehran

Clashes between protesters and government supporters continued today in Tehran. The scene today was the funeral ceremony of a person killed during Monday’s protests. The government claims that a member of a rebel group shot him in the head. The opposition contends that security or pro-government forces shot the man, most likely a bystander, as no one among the demonstrators was armed. There are no reports of casualties as of yet in today’s events.


Anonymous said...

NOT True, whoever told you called from London.

Anonymous said...

Most of this sheer fabricated anti-Iran propaganda is indeed coming from London and other Zionist sources. The very fact that these rent a thugs paid by CIA/MOSSAD failed to even bring a thousand people on the streets speaks volumes about the anti-Iran vatan foroosh exiles and MKO traitors in the service of Iran's enemies.

Anonymous said...

The US and its stooges are trying one last desperate effort to destabilize Iran in a multi-pronged strategy including many malicious computer viruses, terror campaigns,financial pressures and out right lies. Iran seems to be getting the better of its enemies as the recent report in IISS concluded:

Iranian scientists have successfully neutralized the impact of a sophisticated malware designed to disrupt Tehran's nuclear program, says a recent report.

According to a draft report released by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), Iranian scientists have shown vigilance in keeping the virus from disrupting their low-enriched uranium production.

“It did not stop … or even delay the continued buildup of low-enriched uranium," the ISIS report reads.

In July 2010, Western and Israeli media claimed that the Stuxnet, a computer worm that is viewed as potentially the most destructive piece of computer malware discovered, has targeted industrial computers around the globe, with Iran identified as the main target of the attack.

The reports insisted that the country's Bushehr power plant was at the center of the cyber attack.

Iranian officials, however, dismissed such claims, saying that the Stuxnet was detected early by Iranian experts and thus caused no damage to the country's industrial sites.

The Stuxnet malware causes extensive physical damage to centrifuges used in nuclear fuel production.

The virus is so sophisticated that experts believe it is the work of a highly-funded state-sponsored project.

The New York Times reported in a detailed article in January that the Stuxnet was primarily an Israeli project specifically aimed at disrupting Iran's first nuclear power plant in Bushehr. However, the highly secretive and sophisticated effort also involved cooperation as well as technical and financial assistance by the US, Britain and Germany.

Anonymous said...

Just heard Friday a pro Govt. demo is to take place.

West is determind not to report and reflect it.

Anonymous said...

Even on "western" websites the Tehran police chief and most independent observers estimated that the number of foreign paid hired thugs never exceeded 150 people and these murderers killed a young Basiji and beat up FARS photographer and other jouranlists. The government and law enforcement agencies really need to crack some heads and get rid of these foreign paid killers and Iran's enemies once and for all.

Young pro-government student Sanee Zhaleh was shot dead on Monday during the first opposition rally for more than a year and immediately became a martyr to the supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government.

"Students and the people attending the funeral ceremony of the martyred student Sanee Zhaleh have clashed with a limited number of people apparently linked to the sedition movement and forced them out by chanting slogans of death to hypocrites," a tag normally associated with the US supported banned MEK terror group based in France, UK and Iraq the report read.

Tehran's deputy police chief Ahmadreza Radan official said only around 150 people turned up but many were armed and attacked members of public and media.Radan said a second person had died of gunshot wounds on Tuesday and a further eight people had been shot and were being treated in hospital. Authorities blamed "terrorist" elements for the violence at the unauthorized rally.

The semi-official Fars news agency said Zhaleh was a member of the Basij militia and even opposition websites acknowledged that the murdered young man was a Basij member.

Nader Uskowi said...

To all Anons who have asked the origin of the news for this post. The reports of the clash was first appeared at IRNA. It is still on their website. Last time I checked, IRNA worked as the official news agency of the Islamic Republic. But apparently, at least according to the information offered by Anon 5:31 AM, they must be working for the British intelligence! Anon 5:58 raise the ante and tell us that this post was based on a propaganda staged by CIS/Mossad. I don't know the relation of the comments by Anon 6:11 AM to this post.

To the second Anon 6:11 AM: thanks for the info. we will cover the demonstrations when it takes place.

Anon 6:49 AM brings up an important question: who shot Zaleh, the young man loosing his life during Monday's demonstration. The government says it was MKO (aka MEK). The opposition says the young man was a follower of Ayatollah Montazeri, and has published a photo purportedly showing him at Montazeri's presence. We will publish that photo after checking its authenticity.

Anonymous said...

Followers could change their minds, should that photo be authentic and that dude not being another.

I mean he looks a lot like a younger Uskowi than a clean shaven Basiji.

Nader Uskowi said...

lol:) Indeed!

Mark Pyruz said...

150 is too low a figure.

I had a difficult time approximating crowd sizes for 25 Bahman. But there are a few videos where more than 100 people are present and many more where there are dozens. These are all taken at various locations So I approximated with "1000s". That means somewhere between 1000 and 10,000.

There was a turnout by establishment types for Zhaleh's funeral. I wonder if that was the center of "clashes" between pro and anto-establishment groups. I haven't seen any evidence put forth yet.

Anonymous said...

I searched Iranian Press, no such clash is reported.

Anonymous said...

Iran, like any society, it has its disgruntled people. There will always be people who are against the system, and it's law enforcement's job to make sure they do not disrupt society.

Anonymous said...

I think the title should have been "scuffle" not clash.


Anonymous said...

Usual wishful thinking by anti-Iran Zionist media and their lackeys. NOTHING IS HAPPENING but anti-social beahvior by some street unrchins for a couple of hours. They have been dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Iran has never been more stable,

Irans problem is perhaps personal freedoms, but politically and socially it is orianted according to the will of its majority.

Western based Iranians are only making the lives of the Iranians inside Iran harder, by bullshitting and constantly justifying their existance in those societies they live in through pretending to know and be doing something about it.... back off would you... wanna do something go back to Iran.

when we live here, pay our taxes here, vote here, then concentrate here on your own rights and avoid being treated like a second grade citizen, instead of sitting outside of the pitch and sloganeering on Iran and how they should be living.