Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iran Denies Work on Nuclear Weapons

The Iranian government today rejected concerns expressed by IAEA in its new report that Iran was possibly building a military dimension to its nuclear program. The head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Asghar Soltanieh insisted on the peaceful nature of his country’s program.

"The important point is that the full detailed report regarding all our nuclear activities show full supervision by the IAEA and no deviation to prohibited ends," Soltanieh said [IRNA, 27 February].

IAEA had said in its report that was published on Friday that Iran was still refusing to discuss a number of outstanding issues related to possible military dimensions to its nuclear work. It also said that it had received new information on possible nuclear weaponization program. Iran has always insisted that it does not plan to build the bomb.

"Additional information has come to the (Agency's) attention since August 2008, including new information recently received" that prompted "further concerns [over military dimensions of the program," the IAEA report said. "Iran is not engaging with the agency in substance on issues concerning the allegation that Iran is developing a nuclear payload for its missile program” [AFP, 26 February].


Anonymous said...

Same old tired back and forth.

Anonymous said...

Agreed the same old story for the past 20 years.

The whole matter of Nuclear stuff has taken a life of its own and has become an end to itself. I mean these guys are never going to give up. The issue is not Nuclear weapons. US can live with one or two Iranian nuclear weapons. The issue is Iran's independent and rebellious attitude that is a pain in US's backside. The issue is not going to be resolved until Iran and US sit down round a table and draw a line on their sphere of influence.

It is obvious that this throw and catch game is going to go on until US and Iran sit down and talk directly.

Obviously there are spoilers on both sides that have vested interest in seeing this matter unresolved. Arabs and Israelis plus major US Arms makers and certain European countries are among the opponents of Iran/US normalisation. In Iran itself there is significant vocal minority that opposes US/Iran reapproachment for reasons of its own. This is the same group that had no problem dealing with Saddam after a million Iranians died in the war but have made reapproachment to US the biggest taboo.