Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iran Navy Ships in the Mediterranean Sea

IRINS Alvand Crossing the Suez Near Ismailia, Egypt

After a long expectation and amid speculations, the Iran Navy frigate Alvand (FFG-71) and its supply ship Kharg (AORH-431) today entered the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first time since the 1979 revolution that Iranian warships have crossed the Suez into the Mediterranean.



Photos: The Financial Times Limited


Anonymous said...

20 years seemed eternal, but only as an event that happened in Egypt seemed impossible, knowing that behind the government ah happened was the powerful nation of the EUNAMERICA who was the one who dictates when and who is not flowing through the channel suez, daria ah understand that the hand of "wing" allows the nations of Iran get away from their bad moments, I know the Iranian nation will not be as severe deveria with its laws in the country, rather say aver that should of just under Sensura ah its population, of course taking care of the order and the culture of society, sometimes rules are applied by their national leaders, because they depend on the penalties and actions to take to the people ah, that if I defend the right and freedom of iran ah progress in the fields of nuclear energy, has the right, ah progress in this area and nobody has to call him to account, says Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that the West cares if they have pumps fourth and fifth generation when we or the first emos llegado.eso is obvious and well know the precidente it is not a suicide atakan ah what is now Israel to account, even those stupid penalties inpuesto they are an embarrassment, Atakan a media will go with the lows, forcing ah ENPRESA other countries (Japan denmark france italy great britain etc.) ah withdraw their investments from this country when those classes do not go or the case. is whether it is to be the cat empire.

Anonymous said...

If Mubarak is still in power, he would never grant the Iranians the permission to sail through the Suez Canal.

Anonymous said...

of course, he's a US petdog, nothing more.