Monday, February 7, 2011

'Ten Day Dawn' unveilings in Iranian aerospace

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Kavoshgar-4 "Explorer" rocket

Kavoshgar-4 payload section cutaway display

Safir-1B IRILV second stage tank bottom with engines and nozzle extensions, and first stage engine purportedly using new domestically produced "very high energy" fuel.

Safir-1B IRILV first stage engine

Masud 2 and Rasad satellites

Masud 2 satellite

Satellite prototypes. Unveilings included the Zafar (Victory), Rasad 1 (Observation 1), Fajr (Dawn), Autsat and Masud 2.

Photos: Vahid Reza Alaei at FARS News Agency and JameJam Online


Anonymous said...

A remarkable achievement for a nation that has stood its ground for 33 years against a relentless US/Zionist onslaught and every insidious means available to undermine Iran. Iranians should be proud of the nation's achievements. Iran Payandebad.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Iran: Understand that all of your "latest" technology is ten to fifteen years behind the America`s.We will expect some some damage to our navy,but overall,we will dominate your military.Your leaders are weak people,who cannot make decisions that would help you achieve victory.We will take your lurid country back to just being caretakers for camels!

Anonymous said...

That last comment is wishful thinking. You only have to look at the incompetance of the american miltary, year on year, defeat after defeat, to realise it is not so one sided as the blogger imagines.

Anonymous said...

Iran is hoping to land a man on the Sun.