Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iran Ships at Latakia

The Iranian frigate Alvand and its supply ship Kharg docked at Latakia, Syria

Top photo: Iran Navy frigate Alvand (FFG-71) docked at Latakia port in Syria.
Bottom photo: Alvand's supply ship Kharg (AORH-43)

Photos by IRNA


mat said...

The two iranian naval vessels finally did it. On the latest news, Iran said that,it will probably send two more warships to Syria on the same mission via the same route but the schedule date has not been fixed yet.

zoom said...

Kharg really looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very well maintained and professionally run operation. The Zionist cowards once again proved all bark. Iran's stock is the highest in the Muslim world at this stage and should further improve cooperation with all Arab peoples who are very pro-Iran anyway. Islamic UNITY is sounding more real now as US/Zionist "divide and rule" in the region is facing major blowback in the Arab street. Zionist project in the region is coming to an abrupt end soon.

Anonymous said...

i am waiting to see next week what would happend in saudi king which protest will be start on march 8 and 9 that would be extrimly excited to hear what would happend to king.