Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Iran to unveil rocket & satellite technology developments

Iranian media is reporting upcoming unveiling of the following developments in space technology (per PressTV):

Iran's Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi says Tehran plans to unveil a new range of missile and satellite projects during the Ten Days of Dawn celebrations.

Fajr (dawn) is the first satellite with the ability to change from the elliptical orbit of 300-450 kilometers to a circular orbit of 450 kilometers which increases the life expectancy of the satellite by one year and a half,” Vahidi said on Sunday.

The Rasad (observation) satellite is the country's first satellite for photography, Vahidi said at the inauguration ceremony of the Middle East's biggest center of laboratories for testing space structures and systems.

“The thrust of the Safir (ambassador) 1-B rocket engine has been increased from 32 to 37, and it can carry a satellite weighing 50 kilogram's into an elliptical orbit of 300 to 450 kilometers,” IRNA quoted the Iranian defense minister as saying.

The other rocket, Kavoshgar (explorer) 4, has the ability to carry space laboratories containing biologic cargos within a range of 120 kilometers, Vahidi added.

Safir space launch vehicle

Photo: Mehr News Agency


Anonymous said...

It is time to unveil Shahab IV ICBM. Iran Payandebad.

Anonymous said...

Good news. Did you see this by the way? http://www.onlydemocracy4iran.com/2011/02/01/dutch-television-zahra-bahrami-was-sentenced-to-3-years-prison-in-the-netherlands-in-2003/

reader said...

I wonder what happened to the Simorgh satellite launch vehicle with its cluster of four rocket engines which was exhibited just over a year go?

Anonymous said...

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