Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tupolevs Out, Replaced by MD and Airbus

The Civil Aviation Organization of Iran (CAOI) has ordered Iranian airlines to replace Tupolev-154 aircraft with other aircraft effective next week. There are more than a dozen Tupolev passenger aircraft in service in Iran. CAIO’s instruction comes after a number of crashes involving the aircraft. CAIO is also leasing 13 Boeing MD 82/83s and six Airbus A320 passenger planes to replace the Tupolevs. These planes are also very old, but have had superior safety record.


Anonymous said...

In only one week?

Nader Uskowi said...

One week to retire the Topolevs. 3-4 months to bring in other planes. What happens in the meantime, anybody's guess, but lots of cancelled flights!

Anonymous said...

They wanted it out for years,... the political climate was not right.

Now that the Russians voted for sanctions, Iran had the opportunity to send their planes home.

Iran has options and if you don't know them, that does NOT mean there are none.