Monday, February 7, 2011

'Persian Gulf' anti-ship ballistic missile

New anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) named "Persian Gulf" appears to be based on the Fatah-110 series SRBM and possibly equipped with electro-optic seeker.

"Persian Gulf" ASBM scores a hit on a stationary barge in a recent test exercise. Defense Minister Vahidi claims these ASBMs are now being produced and delivered to the IRGC.

Photos: FARS News Agency


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good name and a timely reminder of who is the BOSS in the Persian Gulf. BTW, the nose cone does indicate some sort of elctro-optic tracking configuration and it also has solid fuel propulsion . Iran Payandebad.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the detonation video of the Khalij Fars missile on IRNA, it looks like the warhead is deadly accurate and has some kind of Fuel-Air explosive charge as the target ship simply vaporized. This will make the Persian Gulf a nightmare for any aggressor.

Iran has also deployed the newer generation of smart Ghased 2000 lbs precision guided munition.

Anonymous said...

Third generation of smart munitions delivered to IRIAF. Iran also announced a complete domestic upgrade of its MIG-29 fleet. Iran is also deploying domestically made long-range radar systems and 20mm Phalanx type anti-cruise missile rapid fire AD guns for point defence of strategic facilities as part of its revamped air defence systems. Iranian engineers have reverse engineered both the vulcan and phalanx rapid fire gun systems based on their extensive experience with both systems and examination of downed US Tomahawk cruise missiles and F-117 "Stealth" fighter in the region (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Serbia etc).

In a recent report China also has run a very successful spy operation in smuggling US stealth Technology for China's J-20 stealth fighter. Chinese agents took parts of a downed F-117 stealth jet in 1999. ... those materials gave extensive insights into secret stealth technologies. The Pakistani government handed over several downed drones and Tomahawk missiles from the Af-Pak war zone to their Chinese allies as well.

Iran's Air Force Upgrades precision Home-Made Smart Bomb with new guidance systems.

A senior Iranian Air Force commander said that the country's experts have managed to upgrade a home-made 2,000-pound (900 kg) smart bomb to boost its range.
"The precision tools of the Qassed-3 smart bomb and its operational range have been extended to hit targets precisely," Deputy Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said on Thursday.

"This weapon used for fighter jets is in the testing stage and we will announce this new achievement to the public after identifying the exact range of the bomb," he told reporters.

When asked about the extra-regional threats against Iran, the Iranian commander explained that the Armed Forces are responsible for upgrading weapons to counter possible threats, and that the Air Force is not an exception.

"Definitely, the Qassed-3 is being upgraded to counter possible threats," General Nasirzadeh noted.

"We are always researching, recreating, and upgrading our systems. In fact, upgrading is our top priority," he added.

The Iranian Army's Air Force announced in September 2009 that it has successfully test-fired Qassed 1and 2, in aerial drills over the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Last march, Iranian Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hassan Shahsafi reminded the capabilities of the Iran-made smart bombs, including high-precision and destruction power, and told FNA at the time that Qassed 2 has a longer range than its primary version.

He also said that Qassed 1 has already been mass-produced and delivered to the Iranian Air Force.

Gifted one said...

It seems that the implications of this new missile are being ignored by most publications, and blogs. Here is the only article I've found that tries to examine the implications of this new "Persian Gulf" SRASBM. It's from a publication called SatNews.(link to article).

Read and judge for yourselves as to its accuracy. I think it's pretty accurate analysis myself. A working Iranian missile of this type spells disaster to US and Western naval strategy in case of conflict.

Also the missile's accuracy replicated on the surface-to-surface Fatah 110, and its Syrian derivative, spells REAL trouble for Israel in the case of conflict with either Hezbollah or Syria, and helps to explain Nasrallah's boast of tit for tat retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Its speed, Mach3 (1000m/s), is a bit slow for a ballistic missile; about the same speed as a supersonic cruise-missile. An enemy vessel at 300km range would've moved about 5km -and likely not in a straight line- when hit, which is a big difference with the stationary target shown in the clip.

Anonymous said...

Wow,you guys made this?The second one of these cheap copies of a cheap copy from your boys in North Korea is launched,your world comes to an end!!!The U.S. will send your foolish regime back to the stone age.

Anonymous said...

Wow,you guys made this?The second one of these cheap copies of a cheap copy from your boys in North Korea is launched,your world comes to an end!!!The U.S. will send your foolish regime back to the stone age.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, February 17, 2011 7:59 PM

What a foolish statement you made. The U.S. will pay a heavy price if they dare attempt to send the regime back to stone age