Saturday, February 26, 2011

Languages of Iran

Languages of Iran
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Source: Largely, S, Burk and V. Apenchenko, Atlas Narodov Mitra (Moscow, 1964).

Map: M.R. Izadi, 2006


Anonymous said...

Actualy the massive and pervasive influence of Farsi in the region is quite obvious as the national languages of Pakistan 195 million (Urdu), Tajikistan 8 million(Pamiri Farsi) and Afghanistan 40 million(Dari) are all based on Farsi. Infact all of central Asia, India and even far eastern languages like Bengali have borowed heavily from Farsi and Persian culture. Urdu became the national language of India under the Farsi speaking Moghuls for over 300 years and is still widely spoken in Northern India. The influence of Iranian culture and language has directly impacted closer to half a BILLION people in Asia and Asia Minor (so-called Middle East).

Don Cox said...

Very interesting. I wonder if it is still up to date, as it is based on information from 50 years ago?

Maps of neighboring countries would be worth seeing, too.

I wish people would post data images such as this as GIFs, rather than as blurry JPGs. JPG is suitable for colour photos, not for diagrams with lettering and less than 256 colours. GIFs are sharp and clear.