Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Greens Bid to Hold Pro-Egyptian Rally in Tehran

The leaders of Iran’s opposition Green Movement have applied for permission to stage a rally in Tehran in support of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings, posing a dilemma for the Iranian government which brutally put down their own mass protests a year ago, but has publicly and forcefully supported the uprisings in the Arab world.

The Green’s last organized demonstration was held in December 2009 during the Ashura, when eight protesters were killed and more than 1,000 arrested. They have asked to hold their new rally on Monday 14 February.

"To announce our solidarity with the public movement in the region, especially the freedom-seeking uprising of the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt against tyrannical governments, we ask for permission to invite the people to a rally," read a letter to the interior minister, signed by opposition leaders Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karrubi.

It is highly unlikely that the government would allow the Greens to hold the rally, which has the potential of becoming a huge anti-government demonstration in the heart of the Iranian capital. It was not clear if the Greens were ready to hold the rally without government's approval and risk a potentially deadly confrontation with the authorities.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting so sick of these people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mousavi - I got $50 mil from PLO - Green, is fighting for political significance after he was brushed off the political scene in Iran.Suddenly he's supporting the true revolutionaries in Egypt after his fake,color coded, revolution came crashing down in Tehran.It saddens me when people tout this guy as a liberal and a human rights supporter after committing some of the worst crimes during his presidency.Suddenly he's an angel and thinks he's God's gift to Iranians.Apparently he got funding and support from the PLO ( turns out the Greens were bought and paid for after all.$50 million???That cheap?

Anonymous said...

These "green" idiots could not get enough people to fit in a Tehran phone booth, let alone hold a "rally". These are pipe-dreams of Iran's enemies and US agents.

Bahram said...

I wonder why the "green Movement" needs to have their own Pro-Egyption rally. Why cant they just go out and join the existing Pro-Egypt rallies with the rest of the concerned people of Iran.They just want an excuse to try to show that they are still relavent.Call me silly but I doubt that the people who once were chanting " No Gaza,No Lebonan, My life only for Iran" give a flying F*ck about the People of Egypt. It must really hurt their egos that These "lizard eaters" have more Guts than these Persian Greeny weenies.