Sunday, October 2, 2011

Antonov-158 to Join Iran Passenger Fleet

Iran will purchase a fleet of the new Ukrainian Antonov-158 passenger planes to modernize its very old passenger fleet of US, European and Russian aircraft. An-158 is a 99-passenger variation of An-148 regional twinjet, with a range of 2,500km.

“Studies have shown that Antonov-158 suits Iran's climatic conditions and has been test-flown in certain parts of the country,” said Manouchehr Manteqi, the Managing director of Iran's Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO).

Ukraine’s Antonov-158 at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport during a demonstration ceremony. 2 October 2011


Anonymous said...

"Studies have shown that Antonov-158 suits Iran's climatic conditions and have been test-flown in certain parts of the country."

Does Iran have a choice in the purchase of airplanes from world manufactures?
Certainly not that's why the man justifies this plane as if the international plane manufacturers were lining up to sell their airplanes to Iran and they had to pick and choose.

Anonymous said...

no comment.

Anonymous said...

A small regional airplane. not for int flight. you can produce and export the spare part by yourself.

Anonymous said...

30% of it shall be built in Iran for the start.

A good start, like the Iran 140 this could be the second step into domestic passenger plane industry in Iran

Good luck

Anonymous said...

On the 5 March 2011 an Antonov 148 crashed during a test flight in Russia after a in-flight break-up.
Killing all 6 crew members.
Witnesses on the ground reported a wing had separated from the aircraft in flight.The aircraft was due to be delivered to Myanmar.
The Antonov 158 is a stretched version of the Antonov 148.
This was an brand new aircraft and its wing fell off!
Now god knows what will happen to a stretched version of it.The point is Iran has no choice in choosing an aircraft that is reliable and has no option but buy this aircraft because no one else will sell aircraft to Iran.
While even Eritrea can pick and choose which ever aircraft it wants
to buy whilst the manufacturers are falling over themselves.
Now what's the bet that a commenter will say that Iran is an independent country and this is the price of freedom (Joke)and that's why no manufacturer will sell aircraft to Iran.(Lame excuse)
But except that it is due to isolationist policies of this retarded and backward Theocracy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with October 2, 2011 9:29 PM

These guys have corned Iran such that it has no choice except buying the airplane from unkown sources and manufacturers of dubious quality. What lessons are learned from IR 140 that has been assembled in Iran for the past 10 years. It is my understanding that very few airlines including Iran Air and private ones are willing to buy IR 140.

So either you have to live with these odd machinery or buy 20 year old planes from Turkish airlines etc. What a sad case.

The sufferers are Iranian nation who not only have terrible road accidents (their own fault because they do not learn how to drive properly and do not obey simple driving rules) but planes are falling off skies. The irony is that this regime then calls aircraft manufacturers that do not send parts to Iran inhuman!

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Anno October 2, 2011 9:29 PM

There is always a choice, Iran can ask the Arab, turk neighbors to sell him their old second hand Airbus, Boeing planes. That is possible.
Allmost all of iranian Airbus/Boeing coming thorigh this way to country.

with A-158 you have a chance to start to produce own palne

Anonymous said...

We should be able to buy new airplanes not second hand ones from Arabs and Turkey.Besides the Antonov 158 will make a good military transport plane instead of civil transport.In the future when things are completely different all Antonov 158s will be converted for military use while we purchase better aircraft of our choice.

Anonymous said...

here a press-TV Report
Iran will export 6 An-140.
The AN-140 was a predecessor of An-158.
the An-140 will be bulit in Iran since 2003

Anonymous said...

It is a shame for the international community to deny iran purchasing safe airplanes for its vast market. Those bastards who are cheering the loss of lives of the iranian passengers and somehow feeling good about it are sub-human according to any school of thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:46 AM

And who are those bastards may I ask?

What do you expect when you have a regime that is run by Sabzi Furoosh class and Akhoonds when they constantly shout "Death to America"! Death to the West and Death to everybody that doesn't believe in our moronic system.

And you expect them to sell airplanes to Iran?

So who are the Bastards that are playing with Iranian Lives ?

The West?

No it isn't. The bastards are the Islamo fascist regime that resides in Tehran and the Iranian people are its chosen victims.

Anonymous said...

"It is a shame for the international community to deny iran purchasing safe..."

It is a disgrace for the current regime to put Iran against the International Community, (read International Community).

When a regime decides to fight on all fronts by following dogmatic ideologies and supporting extreme views that is what happens.

Yes it is a shame but that is not going to solve the problem. You can babble about it all day.

And to say that other people are happy to see the grave that this regime has dug for Iranian people shows how shallow minded you are!

Anonymous said...

Being against the clerical regime is not an excuse to post nonsense about this aircraft. It is a very modern and capable airplane.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04 pm.....Who's posting nonsense pal?
May be it's 1:46 AM that is posting nonsense.
It is the clerical regime that has given Iran no options but end up with second rate technology.

Anonymous said...

The vitriol posted on this page against the IRI is symptomatic of the old shah supporters. This is evident from your constant referral to class. You so really think of yourselves as superior to others. This means that the majority of iranians are below you, in your estimation. Please get it into your thick "royal" skull that the IRI is here to stay. Go and enjoy your debauchery in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

"Please get it into your thick "royal" skull that the IRI is here to stay."

I may have a thick royal skull as you claim,but it sure as hell beats
a Islamist thick skull any day.

The regime of the Gandzadeh will soon come to an end. On that you have my word.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 12.43
Thanks for your comment. I don't like the Mullah's theocracy any more than the average Iranian, however I think the subject was the Antonov 158 aircraft which is a modern design and of comparable quality to its western made competitors.
I do agree that the current Iranian admin. is on a wrong path, alienating Iran from the majority of the civilised countries but this aircraft is a good replacement (Now that they can not buy any airplanes from Airbus and Boing) for the domestic needs of Iran and certainly not second rate technology in this case.

Anonymous said...

The underclass are the Iranian people.

The upper class are the Mullahs
and their family's.

I know for sure that the mullahs
and the likes of you think that the Iranian people are there to serve the twisted Islamist agenda and stay like serfs for the rest of their lives by putting up with Islamist crap.

Anonymous said...

Annon October 6, 2011 12:36 PM

You make us laugh with your pedantic English and your ever repeating statement "Islamic Replublic" is here to stay.

Islamic republic is falling apart mate! It is digging its own grave. Life is not binary i.e. either support the shah or these mazhabiouns. I don't support either and I do not think the solution to Iran is either as well.

With regard to obtaining aircraft we all know the option of buying from Ukraine is less desirable. However, there is no choice. To state clearly in a world in recession where the manufacturers fall over each other to sell the goods, the wrong policy of this regime has effectively put Iranian lives in danger. There is no miracle in this. Praying twenty times a day and cursing everyone else is not solving the problem. Sound and balanced foreigh policy is the answer that lacks in this regime.

Ok what has changed in 30 years? You have replaced Shah's cronies who used to send money to London and US with IRI cronies that are sending money to Dubai and Canada.

Read news for yourself and stop patronising others!

Anonymous said...

This regime is run by people that are Vatan Furoosh.As we have seen many examples of these traitors that are raping Iran and buying $30 Million Dollar mansions around Toronto and LA.
They have sent their families and supporters abroad to poison the real opposition against the Haramzadeh Regime because they know that by controlling opposition abroad they can also control opposition in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36 PM..You have a very sad life if you think that somebody that doesn't like Islamic Regime is instantly a Shah supporter and lives in LA.
I wonder which school you studied in
because they have taught you very poorly and you think people believe
your nonsense.