Monday, October 10, 2011

OPEC Production Fell in September – Libya UP

OPEC’s oil production fell by 130,000 barrels per day in September to 30 million bpd. Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, UAE, Kuwait and Iran registered declines while Angola, Libya and Iraq reported increases in production.

“The main factor to watch in the next few months is just how much Libyan crude comes back on the market, and whether other producers need to make way for it," said John Kingston, Platts global director of news [MarketWatch, 10 October].


Anonymous said...

Try telling the Mullah Boys that if the economies of America and Europe go into depression it will have a knock on effect on China as well as Asia, which will lead to a direct reduction in crude oil production.
Since Iran has a population of over seventy million it will have the most ruinous effect on its people.
But of course the Mullah Boys live in fantasy land and claim Iran is an independent country and don't need any country because China will always buy Iran's oil no matter what.
Libya,Iraq these are the future oil suppliers and Iran will suffer because of Islamo fascist regime ignorant foreign policies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:38 AM, take your foolishness elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19 AM

If you have an opinion about the above subject good ,but if you've come as a Troll then go somewhere else and look for victims.

Anonymous said...

6:38 AM

what on earth have you been smoking !

China has periods of black outs on their industrial parks, becaus ethere is not enough power/Oil

The Black outs are over a week long.

Imagine without these blackouts they would be eating everyone alive..

You are a one sided (not very intelligent man) probably early 20's and from Israel.

Go get a life young man and emmigrate to thze US.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27 PM

I personally don't give a damn about Palestinians or Israel and I certainly don't give a damn about people like you and your juvenile comments.
Since you have Israel constantly on your mind why don't you emigrate there?