Friday, October 14, 2011

Gareth Porter's take on alleged Iran terror plot

According to Gareth Porter:

While the administration of Barack Obama vows to hold the Iranian government "accountable" for the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, the legal document describing evidence in the case provides multiple indications that it was mainly the result of an FBI "sting" operation.

Although the legal document, called an amended criminal complaint, implicates Iranian-American Manssor Arbabsiar and his cousin Ali Gholam Shakuri, an officer in the Iranian Quds Force, in a plan to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, it also suggests that the idea originated with and was strongly pushed by a undercover DEA informant, at the direction of the FBI.

This is how the alleged Iran terror plot appears to have gone down:

Arbabsiar was seeking a drug deal and was caught in a DEA net. FBI/DEA prompted this into a drug/assassination deal.

The motivation of Arbabsiar and his contacts in Iran was negotiating a drug trafficking connection; the effort by FBI/DEA was to ensnare the deal into charges of assassination/bombings.

So the actual evidence appears to show the DEA informant involving Arbabsiar into the FBI/DEA initiated suggestion for an assassination/bombing deal, while Arbabsiar and any of his contact’s purpose is to establish a drug trafficking deal.

That’s how this makes sense.

The USG notion that this is a IRGC/Quds initiated terror plot appears to be misleading, as is the notion of any IRIG leadership involvement in the matter.

So the real question might be how high the initial idea for and approval of this FBI/DEA initiative reaches in the U.S. government, rather than pointing to leadership approval in Iran or even idea for and approval within IRGC/Quds. Which begs a second question: what is the ultimate object of this U.S. initiative?

For a complete reading of Gareth Porter's take on the matter, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Who would possibly want to know what Gareth Porter says?

Aside from the fact that absolutely no one gives him any information and all of his work is a buffoonish rehash of real reporter's efforts, he's about the most wretched and most disgraced reporter of the last 50 years.

Press-TV is about as credible as Porter.

Walter Duranty was more credible than is Porter.

surely, Mark, you either aren't serious or know nothing of Porter's work.

take a look at Porter's infamous fawning over Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocidal Khmer Rouge "Cambodia: Starvation and Revolution" before you ever again refer to this pathetic and deluded fool.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't make sense, because if you're asking for drugs and the dealer asks if you want him to kill the Saudi Ambassador, you can just say no and remind him that you just want drugs.

A better explanation is that this was an MKO operative in Iran who orchestrated this.

Leopersica said...

I realy think US justice department should stop watching CSI:Miami ,Iranians Plotting to assassinate a petty diplomatic officer in Washington using Mexican Drug dealers ,Blow him up in broad daylight and the Iranian general does not care if others are killed just wants the guy eliminated !pooof when you choose a pop star (OBANGO) to seat your capital no wonder Hollywood screening guild gets to fill your administration! GOD what happened to Roosevelt ,Eisenhower ,Jefferson ,De Gaule ! being a state man meant something I think Sarco and the word psycho pops the mind I say Obama and Joker Comes to mind!!

Anonymous said...

Leopersica said...
"I realy think US justice department should stop watching CSI:Miami ,Iranians Plotting to assassinate a petty diplomatic officer in Washington using Mexican Drug dealers ,Blow him up in broad daylight....."

Leo, you think that anything in the US Department of Justice indictment is close to as crazy as Iran's arresting and questioning Ahmadinejad's advisors on charges of practicing sorcery?

Aarky said...

Too much of the plot doesn't pass the smell test. Importing heroin to Mexico is like shipping wheat to Kansas or coal to Kentucky. The only way it could work is if the men in Iran can steal it from the seizure rooms and then ship it quietly by UPS to locations in the US. If the Perp in Iran wires money to a bank account set up by the FED's he doesn't seem like he is going to ship heroin from Iran. It's more like he is paying for some sort of service or act on this side of the pond. The question still needs answered. What was that $100,000 meant to pay for? The Iranians state that they will do some investigating on their end. Their investigation will probably be more thorough than the US Army's investigations into all the thousands of innocents killed by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. My suspicion is that David Cohen and his crowd over at Treasury is part of this plot so the gullible Obama and diabolical H Clinton can wave the flag on behalf of Israel one more time.