Friday, October 28, 2011

Blast and Fire at Oil Rig, Refinery

An explosion at an oil field in southern Bushehr province today killed an employee of the National Iranian Drilling Company and injured three. Mehr News Agency reported that the blast at Bibi Hakimeh oil rig happened when a huge amount of gas was released during drilling.

In a separate incident, the Shazand Oil Refinery in the central city of Arak was also hit a blast and a fire. No reports of casualty or damage were available.

Shazand Oil Refinery was inaugurated last February at the cost of more than $3 billion and is one of the largest refineries in the Middle East. It is the largest facility producing gasoline in the country.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it could have been done via DuQu?

I have read things last month that claim DuQu has infiltrated Iran and that Israel and the USA are mostly responsible, also India and Germany are helping send Duqu to enimies of the western nations.

DuQu will be much worse than the first Stuxnet virus, does anybody think this attack is the first step before USA & Israel strike Iran's military & leadership?

Anonymous said...

REST ASSURED IT is A CHILDS'SPLAY!!-response to anon 1

WE HAVE ALL ALONG LISTENED TO THE COOKED STORIES ABOUT stuxnet and the other malwares that have been meant to wreck havock the IRANIAN DEFENCE AND OTHER SENSITIVE institutions!.we have ALSO come to conclude that IRAN IS A MASTER IN THAT GAME TOO!.andthe proof of this is the succesfull running of BUSHER which the enemies braged that they had cripled!.as i have said before IRAN IS NOT ERITRIA OR LEBANON.HERE THE WEST IS DEALING WITH A COUNTRY THAT REPORT THE HIGHEST SCIENTIFC UPSHOOT!.

Anonymous said...

HIGHEST SCIENTIFIC UPSHOOT is why they can't even refine the oil into decent gasoline.

dream on.

Anonymous said...

I am more bewildered about the rejoicing of some.

This is more sick than Israel itself.

Anonymous said...

----I am more bewildered about the rejoicing of some.

---This is more sick than Israel itself.-----

agree with both. there should be no rejoicing and certainly the Iranian government is many times more sick and sickening than is the Israeli one. and tthe Israeli govt is pretty awful.