Sunday, October 9, 2011

IATA Suspends Iran Air

BBC is reporting that the International Air Transport Association, IATA, the world aviation’s regulatory body, has suspended Iran Air after the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) included the airliner in its Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List. The list includes individuals as well as companies owned or controlled by countries under US sanctions. IATA’s director of public affairs has told BBC that Iran Air’s suspension went into effect on 5 October.

The action means the country’s national airline would not be part of the global airlines clearinghouse. Iran Air still can fly but cannot use other airlines’ facilities and non-Iranian travel agents would not be able to book passengers on its flights. The action severely limits Iran Air’s ability to service its foreign destinations.


Anonymous said...

This is the final straw.Why are we isolating our country?
Iran Air used to be one of the top airlines and won prizes.In the 1970s we were second after Qantas airlines.What the hell happened?
Believe me I feel utterly depressed.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Turkish Airlines will take all the business just like UAE has become the hub of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Thi s is another great victory for the Iranian regime. Now they have an opportunity to build entirely new and modern facilities for iran Air that they won't have to share with with others on an entirely new and modern planet that will also be all their own.

Unknown Unknowns said...

"Why are we isolating our country?"

Its not "we" who are isolating our country, you idiot. It is the United States of America that is isolating it, and idiots like you blame the victim, like the family of a bride who wants to get a divorce from her husband who beats her up and wants the right to rape her, and won't give her the divorce she has been asking for.

What's the matter with you people? Is there *any* international law or norm that the US has not broken with respect to the country of your heritage that you have not excused her for?

Pitiful traitors, the whole lot of you. And for what? The US? Who just killed one of her own citizens in an extra-judicial murder, and none of its mainstream press organs said boo? Really pathetic.

Nader Uskowi said...

Unknown Unknowns,

You could have made your point without violating this blog’s comments policy of personal attacks on other commentators. The repeat of the adjective “idiots” was unnecessary as it was unprofessional and rude. But more importantly, such language does not enhance the debate on the issue and on the contrary it might prevent other readers to engage you in debate. Needless to say, as much as we like to publish your comments on this blog, you need to respect the rules of this blog as well. Please read our comments policy on the sidebar on the front page of the blog. Appreciate your understanding and looking forward to receiving your comments in future.

Anonymous said...

This non-news should make the day of many self hating "Iranians" and anti-Iran fun clubs alike..I'm already seeing some people commenting on this latest "victory" and blaming it on Iran for it anyhow..How much a*s kissing or boot licking do they expect Iran to do before the US accept them???I say, the US can go fly kite!!!

First off, this move, if true is illegal under international law and can/will be challenged in court. Of course it wouldn't stop Iranians from flying and Iran can also retaliate in kind by denying landing rights and other benefits to countries that uphold this unilateral US sponsored action.If anything, it goes against the rule of the organization AITA itself and exposes them as a tool of the US.Pretty much like the much touted "aviation fuel ban" which we don't hear much about anymore, this too shall pass.

The US will inevitably lose any shred of support they have left with the non-political Iranian populace in this latest move. It smacks of high level desperation after all attempt at "containing" Iran fall apart at the seams with the recent Arab spring toppling almost every US sponsored dictator in the region..Just another day in international politics.Move on...

Anonymous said...

That wont help Israel either, they are going dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn !

Anonymous said...

Do not care tolo much about All this.
Psycho Propaganda, nothing will change

The european countries refuse to fuell iran air maschine sibnce 1-2 years, the iran air flight will continue to europe.
My old Mother visted me last month in Germany and returned to Tehran without any Problem.

Stranger said...

"Why are we isolating our country?"

"Thi s is another great victory for the Iranian regime"

to stand up to this kind of bullying not just for iran but other soverign nations

the only way theyre going to take iran of the list if it denies its right to nuclear power or recognises isreal and US hegomony of the oil fields on the region

at the moment its not about the iranian government but irans postion in the region as a regional power that disrupts US influence thats what its about

its basic international relations game

Anonymous said...

so by the way donot worry about isolation

"even more they try to isolate us, we get better"

Ayatollah Khomenie

Anonymous said...

This 27%
is statement of this guy Tavakolli oder a examined statistic ?
The Majlis with its always brawlsome MPs are no friend of President Ahmadi nejad.

Im Iran Predident will never have friends in majlis.

Anonymous said...

why should the people become the victim of the hostile between two regime? Spare ordinary people from politics.They have nothing to do with the business of the politicians. They just need means to travel somewhere else

Anonymous said...

Unknown Unknowns

I'm going to see your comment by calling me an idiot as a lack of upbringing and education.

Now to the main issue.The Islamic republic is the one who has chosen to be isolated not America.The president of the US offered his hands to Iran and Iranian regime bit it.Have you conveniently forgotten that already?
The US under Presidents Reagan and Clinton offered their hands to Iran but the Islamic regime chose not to except the offer,so who is isolating who?
The fact of the matter is that the Islamic regime is quite happy isolating itself and keeping America as an enemy so that it could justify its existence by showing to the so called "oppressed" of the world that they are resisting the US.Basically they need an enemy as we need oxygen.
As for you calling me and other Iranians that are not happy with this Islamic system of governance as "Pitiful traitors" then it is pitifully naive and shallow of you to do so.
The Traitors are the ones that give away 50 percent of the Caspian sea and making it into 13 percent.The Traitors are the ones that send $18.5 Billion of Iranian money in a truck into Turkey so that the Turkish government can confiscate it.The Traitors are the ones that sold Billions of Dollars in Oil sales when oil was over $130 a barrel with Billions gone unaccounted fore.
So Mr Unknown of Unknowns look in your own backyard before you start accusing others of being Pitiful traitors and idiots.

Anonymous said...

Just another step in the right direction for the world.

Iran is looking more and more like North Korea, as time goes by, you will see that you have nothing but your living gods....just like North Korea.

So sad that Iran's leaders only care about themselves.....over time Iran becomes more and more like Syria & North Korea.

Hopefully more and more people find the means to leave five or ten years years Iran may no longer allow its own to leave.

More sanctions are coming.

Anonymous said...

In five or ten years iran may no longer allow citizens to travel?

Seems that they do some of that right now...

----"On Sunday, the administration of the Beirut International Film Festival said Iranian director Nader Davoodi would not be present for the screening of his film “Red, White and Green.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest Davoodi has been banned from travel because his documentary is deemed to be against the Iranian revolution.

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 AM

You said what the US is doing is illegal but have you forgotten how illegal it was when the Islamic terrorists took over the American embassy and kept dozens of hostages for 444 days in captivity.
Only a complete Islamist fascist would say that an Iranian which rightly disagrees against self righteous fascist theocracy is an Iran hater or a traitor which is a bit rich coming from a person that supports a regime that is destroying past Iranian historical sites and also white washing Iranian literature and history.
And if you take your head out of the sand you will see that the Islamic regime has lost all shred of legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people and the world,so convince yourself otherwise.
As for the Arab spring uprising look no further than Syria and look how the Syrian people hate Iran because of the Islamist fascist regime policy towards the Syrian nation and their support for a barbaric Bathist regime in Syria.
You live in your fantasy land and think how you like but still the Iranian people will pass you and the likes of you by to achieve their ultimate goal in seeing the theocracy consigned to the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

Anno October 10, 2011 1:36 PM

maybe you isunderstood the case
That is the best evidnce of Growing iran influence in middle East.
lebanon government Refused to show an Anti iranian, Anti Ahmadi Nejad Filem
in Red, White and Green.”
claimed the last election was forged.

Stranger said...

"The Islamic republic is the one who has chosen to be isolated not America."

your out of your mind not just of that any sane person with basic understanding of the situation can say that but thing u choose to make up, "money to turky wtf"
and an american neo-con would tell u a basic facts better,

this is not an attack on that person but please you must realy hate the islamic government more then having a sane mind to say things like this unfortuantly meny iranians in the west and anti-islam groups in the west are like this but it exposes their own alternative

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52 AM

"even more they try to isolate us, we get better"

Khomeini said "Economy is for donkeys" I guess that quote stands true in today's Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:42 PM

Great one and also very true!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36 PM

I agree the entire leadership in Iran has become quite paranoid, (I hope most of Iran's people are not like this). I guess total mind control is the way to keep the population in control, religion is a good way to accomplish that goal.

I would like to find this movie:

My Tehran For Sale

My wife, (as a twelve year old) made it into Canada in 1994, I would like her to be able to see this film.

Anonymous said...

There are certain people here that think that anybody that opposes this Islamist system of government in Iran is a traitor or a US lover.
It's unfortunate that in Iran these days we have such little people with their two bit silly comments that beggars belief in its stupidity and shallowness.
Personally I would say that the mess that Iran is in is only created by the regime itself and not America or any other country.
This regime is a self centered stupid theocracy that is governed by the laws of the desserts of Arabia with a swift sense of vengeance upon the true Iranians that seek a change in regime thus saving the country from the fascist Islamic tyranny that has engulfed our nation for over 32 years.
Iranians need to challenge this Islamic authority and to discredit its legitimacy by denouncing the regimes use of religion and its laws against the innocent Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

----That is the best evidnce of Growing iran influence in middle East.
lebanon government Refused to show an Anti iranian, Anti Ahmadi Nejad Filem
in Red, White and Green.”
claimed the last election was forged.-----

no misunderstanding. the film was to be screened until the iranian govt denied the film maker his right to attend the screening .

Just one more sign of how scared the iranian's in power are and how low they stoop.

Iranian influence is very strong in Lebanon for sure. It's the Iranian junior varsity thugs of Hezbollah that are trying to run things and still trying to pretend that they didn't kill Harari and subvert Lebanon's government along the way.

But that Iranian influence isn't all all growing. It reached it's highpoint last year and it's now shrinking. It's gonna shrink pretty damn fast if Assad can't hang on in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Why are all these Mullah lovers angry over the sanctions? The IRI's slogan was and is "Na sharghi, na gharbi" and they claim to be able to survive and prosper without the help and cooperation of the civilised part of the world, so what is the fuss then? The Mullahs claim they don't need the S 300 because they are going to build the "Bavar 373" which is even better than the S300 and then take the Russians to court for not selling them the system. When you have a country where the authorities see everything from the Islamic (Backward version) ideological point of view (Bark at the national football team why they beat the national football team of "Opressed peopla of palestine" 7-0) then what do you expect?

Anonymous said...


I'm out of my mind you claim isn't that the same thing the communists used to say to Russian dissidents in the Soviet Union or are you to young to remember the history?
The facts are that $18.5 Billion was stolen and taken to Turkey in a truck and confiscated by Turkish authorities.If you are unwilling to believe this fact that's your problem Pal because I rather believe Turkish media than the stupid Islamist media that is propagating their lies to the Iranian people.
Not only I hate the Islamic government as you claim but I also hate people who pretend they don't know the truth and lie and make false accusations against other commentators.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53 AM

Well done Iranian players that beat the "Oppressed people of Palestine" now lets play against Israel one day instead of playing stupid Islamist politics.

Anonymous said...

@October 10, 2011 7:57 AM

and all others of the same sort...

do you know how much money you can put in a truck. IN A BIG BIG BIG BIG TRUCK...????

For 18.5 Billion's you need much more trucks...round about 5 trucks...but go ahead and listen to such bullsh***... just google it!

i think everything that is against the iranian regime ( i dont like them too ) is welcomed in your world... ;-)

did you already heard about the planned attack on the saudi embassy from iranian quds cooperation with mexian drugboys and superman and spiderman was also involved...both of them escaped into orbit...

i think there are lot more embassys of saudis and israelis on the way to the states!!!!

Oh god i have heard about this times...and that they will come one day....but i never could image that it will works...with ppl like you everything is possible...

Iran for example ( again i have to repeat i dont like the regime ) show's terrorist on television incl. there confession...
us???? think about osabama? for this story they said they are after it since July but even now when they make it public...they even dont show the iranian guy...and you will never see him...i am so sad about it but i think US will attacke iran very soon...

Anonymous said...


OH YES THE NUCLEAR ISSUE!!! DID America ( obama ) not said we dont want to punish the iranian ppls. because they are our friends...blablablabla...iranian diplomatics...have no problems to fly with emirates or turkish airline but iranian ppl have this problems...because its much more expensive...why you can not think in a so simple way...instate of that talking about 70's and 80's this and that....

So it is the best way to saction iran air because they are a part of the nuclear programm...

and for next month they will sanction iran for importing milk and fruits...because they can be used for the n.programm...and ppl like you will say...iran is going to isolate itself...

Mohammad said...

In other news, exporting fruits to Iran was banned because US Intelligence found that it was being diverted to feed Iranian nuke scientists, thus dangerously increasing their daily vitamin dose to unprecedented levels. "It was becoming really worrying, and we worked hard to stop it," said US Treasury undersecretary for Iran sanctions.

Obama, thank you for trying to liberate us! I understand that you try your best to make sure sanctions don't hurt ordinary Iranians. I'm sure making problems for Iran Air will bring down the Islamic Republic.

Anonymous said...

Obama was the first president after Clinton that gave the Mullah's a chance to cooperate with the Europeans and the US. He offered even direct talks and negotiations that non of the other US presidents (Including Clinton) had offered.
The Mullahs want the US as their enemy to be able to repress the people of Iran and blame eberything on the "Grate Satan" .
It is very clear, the US and the Europeans are going to isolate Iran until they change their policy or the country becomes like North Korea. The Russians and the Chinese will help Iran to the extent that it is in their natioanl interest and will abandon the country like they did with Saddam's Iraq and Khaddafi's Libya and which they will do with Assad's Syria when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:27 AM

A very wise comment. I liked it and basically you put it in a nut shell.
But as you can see some of the comments above there are some sad and misguided people who claim they are Iranian but in truth what the hell.There was the case of the missing $18.5 Billion in a Big truck that went into Turkey and was confiscated by the Turks but these gullible people believe the little liar in Tehran than the Turkish media.These misguided souls cannot except that their idols in Tehran are nothing but a bunch of thieves and terrorists in the garb of religious clothing.
Also remember that if this regime changes its foreign policy (which is anti American and Israel) it will collapse in one week.

Anonymous said...

@October 12, 2011 12:37 PM

First you have ignored that i have said i dont like the iranian regime. so by saying ...their idols you are just lie in my name!

second i told you an amount of 18.5 billion is impossible to put in one truck. again you ignore this point and that can only be a reason for that you have no idea about this sum in reality.

third no turkish goverment or regime or bank or superman himself can not confiscate this amount. because to become this amount into bank system you need a clearinghouse/bank in US! I dont think the US will do this job because of the bad image when it will be public...not for this amount...and now i want to stop because i think you are not able to understand this...BUT IF you understand...i will wait for your respones to this points...
everybody knows that the iraian regime is not good...everybody knows the iranian regime needs america and israel as enemys...but you forget the other side...everybody knows the us regime is also not good...and everybody knows the us regime needs terrorist/iran as enemys to stay in power with its agenda!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08 PM

What part of it you don't understand?
The subject of $18.5 Billion was in Turkish media.Now if you choose to believe that little git in Tehran and waste my time that's your problem.
Under Turkish law money illegally entered is confiscated OK.
Have you seen what $18.5 Billion in cash and gold looks like because I doubt you do.Do your own calculations and you will see that it can fit in a large truck.
The only one with an agenda is the regime in Tehran and its planes to destroy Iran and I don't give a damn about America or Israel and specially Palestinians.