Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alleged Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador Violates UN Treaty

The US and Saudi Arabia Could Take the Case to UN or CIJ

The alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US may have violated a UN treaty protecting diplomats, Reuters reports. US authorities have arrested Iranian-American Manssor Arbabsiar for the alleged plot and accused a second Iranian, Gholam Shakuri, who is reported to be in Iran and a member of IRGC- Quds Force.

If the two Iranians were involved in the alleged plot to kill Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, the case would be in violation of the ‘UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons.’ Iran signed the treaty in 1978, which would require Tehran to consider prosecuting Shakuri in its court system or extradite him to a requesting country, potentially the US or Saudi Arabia. [Reuters, 13 October].

The US and Saudi Arabia also have the option of pursuing action at the UN Security Council. Another option is for the US and/or Saudi Arabia to seek an arbitration and ultimately a ruling from the Court of International Justice (CIJ) in The Hague’s.

Meanwhile, the legal proceedings against Mr. Arbabsiar will proceed in the US District Court in New York where he will appear on 25 October for a preliminary hearing.


Mark Pyruz said...

We still don't have a more complete picture of this case, Nader, but it's becoming evident that there may not be evidence tying this suspect to the IRI or IRGC/Quds other than the suggestion offered him through investigative technique.

Professor Cole is now under the impression:

"There is no connection to Iran here. Arbabsiar had $100,000 wired from a third country to what he thought was the Mexican drug gangster’s account. The money did not come directly from Iran. Even if it originated there, there is no reason to think it was government funds. Arbabsiar was himself worth $2 million in Iran; for all we know, as he got lost in his fantasy land, he began being willing to spend his Kermanshah inheritance on the crazy scheme."

I tend to agree. What's more, this is not how IRGC/Quds operates. The above link to Professor Cole's post deserves a read. Consider his conclusion:

"I am frankly shocked that Eric Holder should have brought us this steaming crock, which is now being used to make policy at the highest levels. That a Mexican former drug runner being paid by the US taxpayers might have thought he could advance his career by playing mind games with a somewhat crazy Iranian expatriate is no surprise. That you could put fantastic schemes in Arbabsiar’s mind if you worked at it seems obvious. That anyone in the DOJ or the US foreign policy establishment would take all this seriously is not plausible. I conclude that they are being dishonest, and that this is Obama’s turn to wag the dog as he faces defeat at Romney’s well-manicured hands next year this time."

Anonymous said...

This (fake) terror plot was the best can happen to iran

With this hollywood Scenario the Americanhs will not isolate or Harm Iran, They would isolate themself. nobody will believe them.

allah loves and Protect iran

Anonymous said...

World leaders are fed up with pretending they believe the USA.

Anonymous said...

Good, take it to the courts so we can find out who in Iran orchestrated this.

I'm guessing it was an MKO or maybe even Mossad agent who was trying to start trouble for Iran with $100k

Persicus Maximus said...

Not even Cheney and Rumsfeld in their heyday could come up with Bullsh... like this !

Anonymous said...

@ persius

I could not have put it better.

Anonymous said...

This is like a third grade Hollywood comedy written by a drugged sophomore on Florida summer break. This is how the badly written script flows: A Texas based "Iranian" used-car salesman hitting middle-age boredom goes to Mexico in search of excitement, women, booze and sun (South Texas was not hot enough for our hero Mansoor) to hire a hitman to kill a totally insignificant token Saudi Zan Zalil (henpecked) "ambassador" who only has his job (previously this Jubeir clown with looks of a midget vampire was a gofer for the previous "royal" ambassador), who challenged the king (very fat and sickly), got booted and now lives in isolated exile in beautiful world renowned Riyadh, the Mecca of global nightlife, liberal modernity and fast living lifestyles and also overflowing with Arabian beauties, (albeit with mustaches themselves and clad in black walking tents which put the fashion houses of Milan to shame) all because because he married a daughter of one the concubines of a Saudi bedouin "prince" in exchange for a tent load of camels.

The supposed Iranian agent grew a Mexican looking mustache to blend in with the locals as he negotiates with the "drug cartels" who sure have a lot of academic interest in Shia-Wahabbi power games in the Persian Gulf which the geographically challenged Mexicans mistook for the Gulf of Mexico and turf war with the al-Saud's over drug distribution rights. The used car salesman also wanted a souped-up and jacked-up Chevy pick-up truck with a gun rack and metallic paint so he could cruise the barrios of Texas to pick-up senoritas and later redneck chicks at a honky tonk bar. And the plot just keeps on getting thicker and funnier.

Talk about the infantile imagination of US "intelligence" and the utter clumsiness of this whole plot. While this odiocy is being manufactured in a murderous police state by a clownish looking Eric Holder (the lawless lawman) with a fake dyed mustache avoiding a congessional subpeona by a congressman with an Arabic name, while the other "Iranian" al-Qods (another Arabic name) "general" and later demoted to a mere "colonel" by the Zionist media, is having a much derserved siesta in Kish island free-trade zone and up to no good, specially since this guy can't be found by anyone or simply does not exist. How is this for a hillarious soap-opera, which only the CIA could come up with. Meanwhile, the poor passengers of Mahan Air are deprived of free peanuts as the US has put sanctions on one of the world's best on-time airline with a plethora of global destinations favoured by the internatioanl jet-set glitterati. Looks to me that all this sounds so mature and factual. NOT.

Another interesting point to note is the prevalence of mustaches on all the main characters, starting with Eric Holder and Mansoor (our anti-hero) also known as Manny without the Saddam looking mustache.

This whole farce brings the US into new light as comedy central. Hollywood, US "intelligence" and CIA are always good for a laugh, Hillary is also doing a good job in a supportive comedy role especially at a time of US depression and economic meltdown. So much fantasy, so little time or influence. LOL.

Who said the mullahs don't enjoy a joke?

Anonymous said...

Duh! did not realize that things were that bad in US as even washed-out used cars salesmen are branching out and diversifying. Whatever happened to old granny's Ford only driven to the church on Sundays? Looks like Hollywood fantasy meets junior high.

Anonymous said...

----Who said the mullahs don't enjoy a joke?----

nobody said that.

Who said the mullahs don't enjoy being a joke?

Anonymous said...

To all westernized and Americanized Iranians living in the US.

Should you be offered a deal., too good to be true.. by some partner of another citizen.... simply say

No thank you officer.

USA is in desperate need of enemies and distractions.. Israel is dragging them down into oblivion..