Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Iran Renews Call for Nuclear Swap Deal

Iran said today that it is still willing to implement a swap deal worked out with France and Brazil last year to ship its low-enriched uranium to France in exchange for 20-percent enriched nuclear fuel rods for its medical research reactor. The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said Iran would expand its uranium enrichment program if the nuclear swap deal falls through.

“We will not only continue to do the enrichment by ourselves but also build a factory for manufacturing even the fuel rods by ourselves,” Ramin Mehmanparast said.

Mehmanparast added that Iran would halt its 20-percent enrichment if the swap were approved.

“As the 20 percent enrichment process is not even economical for us, we would be willing to halt this process and get the necessary fuel for the Tehran reactor from abroad,” Mehmanparast said.

The West has said in the past that Iran’s proposal does not go far enough, leaving most of the already enriched uranium inside the country and does not halt the enrichment process.


Anonymous said...

France? I thought it was Turko-Brazilian deal.

Anonymous said...

I think Iran is on the verge of a new level and wants the west to force them to go through it. ....and gain the moral upperhand , like the countless times before !

claiming they (4 western struggling sinking powers) would not play....despite of our reqadiness :)

Iran seems perfectly well to know what she is doing.

Anonymous said...

The only sinking power is the Islamist Repugnant.

Islamist should never talk on behalf of Iran because Iran is the first victim of the Islamist system therefor they are our jailers and have turned Iran into the largest prison in the world.

Stupid regime wouldn't know the meaning of morality even if it landed on its head.

This regime is the most corrupt and immoral brutal entity that has ever existed in Iran's history not unlike NAZIS in Germany.

There will be no deal with this terrorist regime.

Anonymous said...

----"Iran seems perfectly well to know what she is doing."

I agree. The regime believes that they can continue to play around with their propaganda campaign and go right ahead with the weapons development program and there won't be seriously bad consequences.

They are being deliberate and if they're wrong and the bad things happen, it won't be because they weren't warned and warned and warned and warned and warned.