Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pakistan Withdraws from Iran Pipeline Project

TAPI Pipeline Will Link Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Iran’s popular news website Tabnak reported on Saturday that Pakistan has decided not to join the “Peace Pipeline” project, linking Iran’s southern gas fields to Pakistan’s national pipeline system. Pakistan has instead will stay with the proposed TAPI pipeline, importing gas from Turkmenistan via Afghan territory.

The proposed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline was originally called IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) pipeline. India withdrew from the project late last year and the name changed to Peace Pipeline. Iran has already constructed the Asalouyeh-Iranshahr portion of the pipeline, inside Iran, and the construction of the pipeline to the Pakistani border is scheduled to be completed later this year. Now with the Pakistani withdrawal, the pipeline will become an all-Iranian variety.

The TAPI pipeline will link Turkmen gas fields to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The final agreement among the four countries was signed in August.

Tabnak quotes Pakistani officials as saying that the US pressure on the country to withdraw from the Iranian proposed project was the main reason for the withdrawal.


Anonymous said...

another great victory for insolent Iranian theocracy !!!

they're getting stronger.

Anonymous said...

withdrawing for the 127th time to get the US hawks off their backs.

The building goes on unofficially.

I mean how stupid are those who believe this.loool

Mohammad said...

This is just an example of how the U.S. is hurting Iranian economy, which in turn hurts ordinary Iranians.
Then they complain about Iran's distrust of the U.S. This has been their habit, after all. The U.S. blocked several Iranian totally legal efforts to procure peaceful nuclear material and IAEA technical expertise in the 1980s, before Iran decided to go on with its own enrichment program.

Anonymous said...

---The building goes on unofficially.

I mean how stupid are those who believe this.loool----

I would guess...very.

Anonymous said...

The regime is hurting Iran's economy because of their misguided policies.

Anonymous said...

If only the entire world would stop spending 10 years begging Iran not to have a program that would make assembling nuclear weapons a reality.

How can Iran trust people who refuse to swallow a decade's worth of total billshot coming from the iranian government?

Don't they realize that accepting Iran's blatant lies and contemptuous responses without losing patience is important toward building trust?

After all, what right does the rest of the world have to tell Iran that they're tired of being lied to ?
Doesn't the world realize that the world MUST do business with Iran and can not respond to Iran's lies by refusing to associate with them ?

After all, refusing to accept the iranian government's lies hurts Iran's economy and ordinary Iranian citizens.

The Iranian theocracy should be allowed to hold Iran's citizenry hostage, shouldn't they?

The theocracy had a right to hold ordinary Americans hostage, so what could be more natural than the theocrats' usage of iranians in a similar manner!