Sunday, October 23, 2011

Impeachment Proceedings Against Ahmadinejad’s Ministers

Twenty-eight members of Majlis, Iran’s parliament, today started the impeachment proceeding against President Ahmadinejad’s finance minister, Shamseddin Hosseini. The parliamentarians are said to be unhappy about the government’s handling of a $3 billion bank fraud, the largest in Iran’s history. A motion to impeach Energy Minister Majid Namjou was also filed at Majlis. The parliamentarians are dissatisfied with the latter's performance in office.

The impeachment proceedings against the ministers manifest the determination of the conservative majority in Majlis to keep pressure on Ahmadinejad. They have already accused his political confidant and chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, of leading a “deviant” faction against the ideals of the Islamic Republic, regarding him as dangerous as the leaders of the 2009 Green Movement.


Anonymous said...

if "appointing unqualified people to important positions" is an impeachable offense, one might wonder about whether it was offensive on the part of the people who appointed a relatively junior and relatively unqualified cleric to the post of leader.

Anonymous said...

Democracy at work.

Anonymous said...

forget it, some few PMs (less 20) hat notihng better to bother the president.
for more publicity ofcourse

that is part of the game im iran.

Anonymous said...

@Anno 23,2011

The claim about unqualified people, hear we since 30 years.
all most from Exil Iranian, who was not able to manage his life im Iran and going for money abroad.

if all Exil iranian are back, you will not receive too much more qualified people, as already

How many Iranian are for example CEO in US oder EU ?
only a few number
The Indain or exil Chinse are much more successful than exil-iranian

Anonymous said...

The circus will soon be over.
The "big Mullah" has decided that even farcial "persidential election" is too much for him because the stooge he chose turned against him, so now the Mullahs will roll back the political process in Iran to before the constitutional revolution by creating a "Califate" for that is what the "Velayat e faghih" is in real. They are talking about a "prime minister" chosen by the "Majles" which is even worse than the "Majles farmayeshi" Shah.
The opression will get worse day by day until this regim will collapse like other dictatorships.