Saturday, October 15, 2011

Khamenei: US Unable to Isolate Iran

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei today criticized the US for its “efforts aimed at isolating the Islamic Republic.”

“They (the US) say that they want to isolate Iran, (but) they are themselves isolated; today, no country is more hated than the US in the world,” Khamenei said in a speech in Gilan-e Gharb in the western province of Kermanshah [IRNA, 15 October].

On Thursday, US President Barack Obama had vowed to push for “toughest sanctions” against Iran for its involvement in an alleged plot to kill Saudi Ambassador to the US. The president said the main suspect in the case, Mr. Arbabsiar, had “direct links, was paid by, and directed by individuals in the Iranian government.”


Anonymous said...

It's not the US that is isolating Iran but the theocracy itself which is isolating Iran because of their desire to have enemies so that they can impose their stupid and backward culture on the Iranian people.

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Idiot has spoken.

Anonymous said...

That tyrant is a big liar.It's his regime that is the most hated.

Anonymous said...

Despite the almost useless daily rants by the delusional set, the fact is that Iran is too big and strong to "isolate". The US and junior high plots not withstanding, no rational nation is willing to do the bidding for US/Zionists. All these desperate US attempts do is create more support for the Islamic Republic. Iran today is the most stable regime in the region and not even the Arabs are buying the US used-car deal.

Russia, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and even NATO stooge like Turkey is increasing trade and commercial links with Iran. It is time to live in reality as fantasy is fleeting. Robert Baer, a former CIA agent and expert on Iran has a good analysis on why Iran can not be "isolated", particularly at a time the US is facing economic abyss and multiple military defeats that are bleeding its bankrupt deadbeat economy to an early grave. Even the craziest Iranophobes in US and Zionist cabal are now backtracking and downplaying the used-car salesman saga and has egg on its face. Even debka has been curiosly downbeat in its gossip mongering lately. LOL.

Most of the anti-Iran posters need adult supervision to dispel warmongering delusions as THERE IS ZERO CHANCE ON ANY US-IRAN CONFLICT.

All this latest storm in a tea-cup was very entertaining and comedic, but no one took it seriously. So let's all give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Iran is already isolated...yesterdays news.
The man must be on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:27 PM

You make me laugh with your rants and propaganda on behalf of the mullah regime.Who was commenting about war between the US and Iran.The subject was isolation which Iran clearly is Mr Goebbels and pretending that Iran is a up and coming economy or America is a bankrupt country is plainly idiotic and juvenile to say the least so go and spin your yarn elsewhere because no one will buy your cheap propaganda.

Anonymous said...


---Russia, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and even NATO stooge like Turkey is increasing trade and commercial links with Iran."---

China and Russia are backing away from the sinking ship.

Iran was waiting a long time for delivery of those air defense systems that Russia got paid for and then Russia said that they were never coming.

Turkey ain't a friend to Iran . iIt's a rival and is set on working with the saudis to kick Assad out of power and seperate Syria from iranian influence.