Monday, October 3, 2011

Khamenei on Banking Scandal

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a frank discussion of the growing banking scandal in the country told a group of visiting government officials that if in the past ten years the government had followed his edict on combating the economic corruption in the country, the country would not have witnessed scandals such as the recent banking embezzlement.

“Although the senior government officials welcomed (our edict of ten years ago) on combatting economic corruption in the country, if they had followed those suggestions, we would have never faced scandals such as the recent banking corruption incident,” Ayatollah Khamenei said [Fars News Agency, 3 October].

“Such incidents would affect the hearts and minds of our people, and break their hearts. Do they really deserve this? People getting upset over such incidents, even lose their hope (in their government), only because the government leaders did not act (to eliminate the corruption),” Khamenei added.

“From the very early years, I had warned everyone not to let corruption become endemic and grow roots (in the society). When passing of time, uprooting corruption becomes that much more difficult. The honest investors become disappointed. But unfortunately (the campaign against corruption) did not materialize,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

The supreme leaders promised the public that the three branches of the government would be committed to fight corruption and would monitor the recent banking scandal and similar incidents. He warned against misuse of the recent incident to bring the senior government leader under question. Ayatollah Khamenei added that the officials in the government, Majlis and the Judiciary are performing their duties.

“The people should know, the officials will monitor this latest incident carefully, and the hands of all the traitors will be cut,” Khamenei said.


Anonymous said...

Ironic the head thief is telling lower ranking thieves to stop stealing!

Corruption does not go away by babbling about it. When people see this wreched regimes and their off springs (Khamenei's son , Rafsanjani's sone and other gadazadeh) are shiphoning money to the tune of billions abroad, what is expected.

There is a very good saying that they should practice what they preach! If they want to cut off people's hand, they should start from home.

It is diabolical.

Anonymous said...

"and the hands of all traitors will be cut."

Nice to hear Mr Khamenei.
Now you can start by cutting your hands of first then followed by your family members and entire regime.

Anonymous said...

What does he take us for? What a thieving liar.The man himself has stolen billions and deposited it in foreign banks. Example $3 billion in England and who knows what else where.
Even his Tea Boy has stolen two to three hundred million dollars and most likely has a couple of mansions in the West.
What a disaster has befallen our country that an uneducated clan of criminals who are ruthless and use Islam as a weapon have taken over our country to do as they please in the name of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Last anon: It looks like that was not all they stole. They even stole your brain and your ability to see reality for what it is - The IRI is here to stay. Go troll somewhere else, I suggest the kindergartens in Israel.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious bunch of insincerity.

Khamenei, the head of the government, wants to blame it on "senior government officials".

this jerk isn't even as good a liar as Richard Nixon and he's gonna do the same thing that Nixon tried to do and blame everything on the guys who worked for him.

even worse, Khamenei will get away with it because there's no one to any power to challenge his lies.

at least in the uS, there are two different sets of liars making sure that one set or the other doesn't control all the power.

Anonymous said...

"I suggest the kindergartens in Israel."

The subject matter is about the theft by the regime of billions of dollars but as usual you people twist it into a Israeli issue.
Is that all that your brain can think about Israel?
May be if you take your head out of Israels ass you could see more clearly.

Anonymous said...

"Go and Troll somewhere else"

Looks like the majority agree that Khamenei and his buddy's are the top thieves and you seem the only one that disagrees,so who is the Troll here?

Anonymous said...

Press TV reported

"Ayatollah Khamenei has named the current Iranian calendar year (started on March 21, 2011), 'The Year of Economic Jihad,' calling for concerted efforts by the Iranian nation and officials to prepare the grounds for a decade of economic growth."

Year of Economic Jihad should be replaced by "Year of Economic disasters" after the devaluation of rial and $2.6 Billion embezelment!

Bunch of incompetent idiots!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:18 AM

Come on my friend don't take Press TV
seriously,we all know it's a well known comedy channel for clowning around by comedians !
The only jihad they perform will be
more stealing from our country.

Anonymous said...

It's clueless and vexatious little twerps like you that support a stinking bedoiun cult that occupies our country today. Traitors like you are the real enemies of Iran that really do troll on behalf of an occupying bedoiun and tyrannical cult. The IRI terror state will go the way of other terror states in history,namely to hell.