Sunday, October 30, 2011

Majlis Summons Ahmadinejad for Questioning

Unprecedented Move in 33-Year History of the Islamic Republic

The Iranian parliament, Majlis, today reversed its decision made on Tuesday and decided to summon President Ahmadinejad for questioning on a range of issues, expected to include the following:

- The decision earlier this year to sac his intelligence minister only to be vetoed by the supreme leader and then refusing to go to work for 11 days in protest,

- The declaration last summer that Ayatollah Khomeini’s edict that ‘Majlis is above all other (government) institutions’ was outdated and does not apply to the current situation,

- The continued support of his chief of staff and political confident Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie and his circle of supporters, labeled as “deviationists” by the conservatives,

- A record of ignoring and not executing the laws passed by Majlis, including a bill to fund the Tehran Metro through the government’s hard currency fund for the expansion of the metro system,

- A lack of leadership on economic issues, including the country’s meager economic growth, rising inflation, and unfinished subsidy reforms.

The case will now go to the Majlis special committees for investigation. The article 88 of the Iranian constitution states that the president can be summoned by the written request of at least one-forth of the deputies and must appear before Majlis within a month of being summoned.

Today’s decision by Majlis is the first time in 33-year history of the Islamic Republic that the Article 88 has been invoked. The proceedings could lead to the president's impeachment.

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