Monday, October 24, 2011

US Seeking Support for New Tougher Sanctions Against Iran

The Central Bank of Iran Reportedly Targeted

The US is seeking European support for tougher sanctions on Iran. The Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen today met with British officials in London to discuss potential new sanctions in the aftermath of the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington. Cohen will also visit Berlin, Paris and Rome during the week.

“Iran needs to be held accountable for this plot,” Secretary Cohen said [AP, 24 October].

It is reported that the US is seeking the support for bringing sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran (CBI). Such move, if implemented, would by far be the most serious sanction against the country, with potentially devastating effects on the Iranian economy.

“We are going to continue to look at those financial institutions that are involved with proliferation activity for Iran and continue to try to isolate them from the international financial sector,” Cohen added.


Anonymous said...

tell me something new ! doin that for 30 somethin years and as a result 35 mio Americans are Homeless and 70 mio are losing homes and money.

Iranians are marching on regardless of western false reporting on Iran

mat said...

" one is innocent until proven guilty "

Anonymous said...

Anon 6;23

you're a little off there, buddy.

it's not 35 million Americans are homeless. it 3point 5 million thats, 3,500,000.......

about 1 % of America's population.

Iranians should be marching for themselves not for the Americans who are far, far wealthier than Iranians.

American GDP per capita in what amount to tough times for Americans is STILL more than 400% of Iranian GDP per capita.

there are no 70 million Americans losing their 2010 it was less than 1 million houses foreclosed....and that was the worst ever.

perhaps you are being severely misinformed .... maybe you should check things more carefully and not trust everything told to you.

Anonymous said...

12.07 .. you are mixing up the number of people in prison in the US with the Homeless.

50 states and different statistics.

according to the definition of the UN (who is homeless)
the US has 35 mio plus Homeless.

You my " Buddy" are the one who is off.

Stop boring me with your Hollywood prpaganda.

Anonymous said...

---according to the definition of the UN (who is homeless)
the US has 35 mio plus Homeless.---

show where the UN says that, little buddy or be off with your self

Anonymous said...

I shall when you show me your ID

Anonymous said...

sorry friend---you have nothing to show.

you're not truthful.

Anonymous said...

good strategy though,,, when you get caught out lying,,,, try interjecting some nonsense about ID.....

as if refusing to try to back up your lie doesn't become all the odious.

come back to decent adult behavior and put your cards on the table...or admit you haven't any.

it's not necessary to slink away in shame, buddy.