Monday, February 28, 2011

Iran Finance Ministry Pressure Oil Giants to Pay Taxes

The state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) today denied reports by Iranian news agencies that the country’s state-owned bank has suspended the company’s accounts after the Ministry of Finance put levies on NIOC accounts for nonpayment of its taxes. NIOC chairman, Ahmad Ghalehbani, told IRNA today that NIOC was not guilty of tax evasion and the authorities were probably after National Iranian Refining and Distribution Company (NIRDC). The finance officials have in the past singled out NIRDC for nonpayment of its taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Typical of a country run by supposedly transparent and democtratic institutions. We have institutions that earn that handle 80% of GDP but refusing to pay any taxes. It is pretty obvious that these institutions belong to IRGC. Billions go missing from the oil stablisation fund and noone can question that including the Majlis. It is typical of a society like Iran where there is no respect for law and order and civil values.