Saturday, October 30, 2010

Iran to Sue Europe Oil Firms Over Refusal to Refuel

Iran is suing oil companies in The Hague for refusing to refuel its Europe-bound flights, a top Iranian aviation official said today.

“Iran is taking legal measures and the issue has been raised in The Hague tribunal and lawyers have been appointed to pursue the issue,” said Farhad Parvaresh, the CEO of Iran Air [AFP, 30 October].

The ban on refueling includes airports in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and several German airports. Iran Air flights from Europe now are making stopover at Vienna where Austrian oil firm OMV still refuels its planes.


Anonymous said...

It just shows the desperation and embarassment of EU puppets. Iran should indeed sue these hypocrites for breach of contract and endangering passenger and crew safety by denying them righfully entitled fuel and safe passage. It is also against IATA rules of so-called open skies and safety. These hateful anti-Iran Zionist pandering cretins have no shame or honour.

Anonymous said...

if iran stop few supper tanker in persian gulf area which is blong to uk france and german they will get the massage but it may creat war in the area every idea it is not go one reality they are capable to stop them as any time they like.

Anonymous said...

I think Iran must retaliate,even if it means war.Iran is right,and must fight for its world right.

UE must get the message,if they don´t fuel iranian planes,they will get an iranian retaliation.

Anonymous said...

such stupid policy followed by the EU under American instruction.They dont think of passenger safety.pls keep politics out of civil transport

Anonymous said...

All these actions are yet another reason for Iran to learn and do its stuff on its own.

Stuff like energy, nuclear, weapons and aggressiveley pursue its foreign policy.

Walk on everyone if necessary.

If they wont even give fuel for civilian planes, then rest assured, they shall never give fuel for the Bushehr plant.

Sir Dariush Turnham Green

Anonymous said...

Dudes. It's simple. Just tell the terrorist loving president Amadinejad to lay off the nukes and stop supporting world terrorism because he is only hurting the Iranian people when he acts like a crazed Hitler barbarian. The world holds nothing against the Iranian people, it's Amadinejad, the hypocrite lying president that is filled with demons that the world has no respect for and looks at with disgust and laughter.

Anonymous said...

last tea party anon

shut the f..up a...hole

I am sure u ain hitler but a tea party idiot, making you even worse than O'railey and palins of US

Anonymous said...

to anom 1.08

please don´t be fool,Iran never will renounce to nuclear power.IF you think that,you must be drunk...

The next war won´t be a walk on the park,Iran is not Irak,and is ready to crush anybody who dares to attack Iran. Next war will be different,mate.

As Iranians has said,they have the finger on the trigger,and all the options are on the table,too.

Anonymous said...

4:30 I would respond if I believed in the Tea Party but I don't and that makes you look like an idiot.

6:28 It is precisely this attitude that is putting you on the wrong side of history. You've been trying to win a war over Israel for 2000 years and you still can't do it because the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are on the side of the Jewish people you gentile.

Amadinejad since you won't renounce... your going to get your a** kicked by the Creator of the Universe.

Anonymous said...


God is not in the side of murderers,maybe now you have the firepower,but this is close to end.

We will see.

Anonymous said...

8:52 Your absolutely right and he is not on the side of radical islamic terrorists like Amadinejad who are behind and support attacking an innocent church in Baghdad, killing 58 people and leaving 67 injured or firebombing an Arab Christian church in Jerusalem or executing Iranian pastors.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

12:51 and that was just within the last week.