Friday, October 29, 2010

Iran to Attend P5+1 Nuclear Talks

Iran has accepted the invitation by European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to attend the P5+1 talks on its nuclear program. The talks are expected to be held in Vienna in mid-November [Press TV, 29 October]. In the past two weeks, senior Iranian officials had sent confusing and often contradictory signals on Iran’s intentions to attend the talks, some wanting preconditions for the talks. Today’s announcement by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council did not contain any preconditions.


Anonymous said...

as we known that this meeting will not get any resoult and 5th round of section is on the way in my point of view iran should not even attended this meeting also they should had more demmand than last time meeting was accurred last years. usa want 4400lb as original was last years 2200lb low inreachment uranium almost double the demand is / does iran make the deal with them oviosly not. iran need not to pay any more fairness with them just agnore them once for all.

Anonymous said...

I agree there is no point in coddling to Iran's enemies. They will always find some other excuse to harm Iran. The only logical and rational option is to continue with the nuclear program and also develop a strong nuclear deterrent. Bankrupt third-rate nations like India, Pakistan and the Zionist entity all have nukes. Even "isolated" North Korea has a first-rate sizeable nuclear arsenal and these so-called "world powers' have done diddly. Iran has NO OTHER OPTION but to look after its own interests and create a strong defensive capability with all possible scenarios.

Anonymous said...

I think Iran is wating the time with negotiations. Iran msut worry about the security of Iran,and the security of regional countries,because this is its own security too.

Nuclear Iran is not negotiable,and Europe will have to live with it.

Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of P5+1 Talks ?

making job opportunity for none busy and overpaid diplomats.

Anonymous said...

I read in some news outlets here in the west of 5 plus 1 to have optimized their sanctions.

first sign of the coming failur.

West does not want an understanding, because it is in their benefit that sanctions scare countries away from Iran.

If they can not work with Iran then noone shall.

MRC said...

i have to say the iranians really know how to play ''the political chess game '' .

Anonymous said...

@ MRC, you are correct.

Iranians invented Chess. So it is not prudent to play with the chess-masters as the end result is a CHECKMATE and face-saving by the "west". EU is particulrar is a faltering paper tiger as the recent economic and Euro crises highlighted. US and EU are very vulnerable and can neither bring it on nor do much as the worsening mess in Iraq and Af-Pak has amply demonstrated. They need to work out a modus vivendi as the Iranian nuclear ship has sailed.