Thursday, October 7, 2010

Russia to Reimburse Iran on S-300

Russia will reimburse Iran for downpayments on S-300 air defense missile systems, Russian authorities announced today [AFP, 7 October]. Russia cancelled the contract saying the sale of S-300 system to Iran would violate the UN sanctions against the country. Iran has threatened to sue Russia over breach of contract.


Humpty Dumpty said...

Hi everyone. This is my first time commenting. Glad I found you guys (a weeks or so ago.)

I'm wondering if this, as with so many other things, might be another blessing in disguise. In other words, I wonder if Iran is in a position to launch a, say, five year program to develop such an advanced air defense system of her own? I was reading the comments on the post relating to the "Ambush" mid-range air defence system (using the Shaheen missiles), and I was very impressed with the level of technical expertise of the posters. If there is anyone out there who is knowledgeable about the current Iranian state of play, I am sure I would not be the only one who would love to read about it.


cu-cullen said...

maybe they can use this money to help the ordinary Iranian people,

Anonymous said...

Last Anon

did you see this report

Israel buys 20 modern US-Jets for abiut 3bn $.

I believe this missiles are more useful as ginving money for cheap benzin.

Anonymous said...

last anon,

As soon as you hear a multi billion dollar arms deal is signed between US and some Oil Rich Arab country, then that means..
The net profits would be financing Israels new costly military demands

The Arabs get some degraded, obsolet, half buttons missing planes and bombs, and Israelis get F-35 as a gift.

Dariush London

Weapons of Mass Deception said...

@Dariush London:
CENTCOM has this BIG RED BUTTON labeled "make them drop from the skies like flies" and as soon as all those shiny Arab $gazillion priced F16's dare to fly the wrong way (to Israel instead of Iran), their yankee Boss will go WHAM !

I guess China just took first place on the Western Bully List pushing Iran to second... for now!

As to the S-300, apart from the B-2 and F-22 no western bomber (not even the F-35 JSF, that's why the Israeli's would've rather bought the F-22) will venture any closer than 50km to its target dropping their bombs from max. ceiling and at max. speed (mach2). To prevent them reaching that "window" you'll need a longer-range, hypersonic, solid fuel (mobile!) missile (otherwise it'll be taken out with a MRBM) which Iran doesn't seem to have yet and would've gotten with the S-300.

Anonymous said...


that all if they actually know where to strike :D

What if suddenly all they know and think to know (about locations)is not worth the paper written on.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

BTW, the only one ever to refuse this farce called Nobel Peace Prize was Lê Ðức Thọ, no doubt because his co-laureate was Henry Kissinger, one of many yankee war criminals.