Thursday, October 28, 2010

EU to Allow Import/Export of Iran Oil & Gas

The European Union on Wednesday issued regulations covering Iran sanctions that allow for the import and export of oil and gas to Iran. Although the regulations are tougher than the UN sanctions, but the sections dealing with oil and gas leaves an opening for Iran to offset the effects of sanctions imposed by the US against the Iranian oil and gas industry.

"If you want to send a tanker filled with refined petrol to Iran, and you have proved that you are not carrying any other goods that we deem illegal, Europe has no problem," said a European official [Washington Post, 28 October 2010]. "We don't want any negative effect on the Iranian population or to deprive them of energy, so we do not follow US measures that go beyond United Nations sanctions."

The EU will also permit financial transactions needed to import of oil and gas to Iran. The US does not.

The practical effect of the EU action might be minimal because European oil companies might still refuse to supply Iran with fuel for fear of appearing to thwart US sanctions, said the Washington Post.

"We have complained to the U.S. about the extraterritorial effects of their measures on European companies," the European official told the Post. "If those companies submit to U.S. wishes, it is their decision, but we are against these policies. This is a major issue for us."

US officials said Wednesday that they were broadly pleased with the European regulations, which they said could devastate Iran's oil and gas industry by sanctions against investments.

"We are going at the supply, while they are going at the back end," said a senior administration official [Washington Post, 28 October].


Anonymous said...

Of course Europe will come with this statement, Hugo Chavez just signed contracts with Iran which breaks EU and USA sanctions and they are powerless to stop it! Watch for press statements from Zionist controlled media which say things like "In the USA deficit increased by $xxxB" then you know how much the Zionist have looted from the US Treasury to pay for this sanctions crap!

Anonymous said...

I can only smile...(smirk)

Sir Dariush London

Anonymous said...

eu started to back off this section not only useless plus take iran in major power in middle east and latin amirica plus some country in africa country also some others country in far east asian country bottom line weather lifted the section will not change iran progress true to development his country actual way more section will boost iran to get ahead faster and more stronger look in the world political and world ecconomy other issue russian theire is no longer any player by using last section agreement with unsc has lost intire levreges with iran that mean their is no more contract will be with them any longer if is will not be more than only 20 million that mean no longer usedfull to world politics and ecconomy.

Anonymous said...

EU is quite pathetic really. Perhaps Iran should turn off the natural gas spigots for a few weeks and then see how the EU which is already in economic turmoil comes to its knees. The French are already lined up at the gas stations, garbage is piling up, over 20% real unemployment etc. The Brits are foring their pensioners and unemployed to eat dogfood as they make cuts to their bankrupt budgets. Zionist wars in Iraq and Af-Pak are coming home to roost.

These Zionist controlled EU thugs still think they are "major powers". Most of the EU is bankrupt and a very bleak future awaits the ageing populations and hollowed out economies based on 19th century colonialism and resources plunder from Asian/African/Latin. Can you imagine that third-rate pip-squeak nations like Belgium, Holland and UK had colonized much of Africa, Indonesia, India etc by sheer brutality and exploitation. They still think thay can do the same. They are in for a shock.

I believe their arrogance and hubris of empires will haunt these EU and US neo-colonialists for generations to come as power shifts east and their exploitative economies collapse under economic and social strains. Zionists are just accelerating the EU and US decline by getting them bogged down in endless unwinnable Islamophobic wars.

Anonymous said...

iran could close the lng gas line to eu plus if russian gas line to be smashed in winter time eu will face the greatest energy crisis as ever you must look every political and stratigical move it is not easy to eu just caal no longer iran can not supplied oil or gas to the world, if such happend iran has capable to sabetige intire persian gulf area does not require to closed the persian Gulf to get them massaged cross combine russian and persian gulf country eu and north amarican will have the biggest of energy crisses as ever.