Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marzieh: 1925-2010

Marzieh, one of the most popular singers in Iranian history, dies today at 85, loosing her battle against cancer. Paris, 13 October 2010.


Anonymous said...

she lived 30 years too long.
her death comes 30 years too late.

however you might want to see it.

Anyone who puts his or her hands into the MKO hands whilst the MKO fought alongside the Iraqi saddamis against Iran, is not an Iranian anymore.

God bless Iran and all Iranians across the Globe , except the MKO terrorists


Anonymous said...

My father used to like her/ and he never forgave her for her silly choice.
She will have to answer to God for her betrayal/
Not our business to condemn.


Anonymous said...

Iran has unfortunately had its share of misled fifth columns.
People who truely should have known better.
What on earth do you expect of a silly old illiterate lady in need of asylum at a certain phase in her life.
She was manipulated and used by a sect.. (The so called MKO) and we should be careful in closing the door on people like her.

She is now dead but expect no tears for her.

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

She is now Lap-Dancing for Saddam Hussain in Hell.

Anonymous said...

she was manipulated and misused by MKO
anyway a good songstress

may rest in peace

Persicus Maximus said...

She should have stayed a.political and kept with her singing.

There is no excuse for the insult she tossed at Iran and its struggling/waring nation back then,and we don't have to forgive.

But now she is dead and we should let her name drift into oblivion.

I am sure she has family and for their sake do not be "offensive".

Nader Uskowi said...

The authoritarian thinking starts with us, not just with the governments. We prefer to see someone dead than choosing a political path different from us. This is the same thinking that pushes governments to execute their political opponents.

The post was on Marzieh as a singer, and she was the best at that.

Anonymous said...

Different politics is one thing this women sided with the enemy in a time of war. That is called treason and even the US kills for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Uskowi,

I can be the best Physician, yet I can make choices in life and become either Dr Shweizer or Dr Mengele
My physician status becomes secondary, regardless of me being the best at it.

Sir Dariush London

Nader Uskowi said...

Marzieh’s joining the opposition was years after the end of the war with Iraq, she cannot be held responsible for actions during the war.

You might argue that Saddam was still in power when she joined Mujahidin’s and they were still receiving support from the Iraqi government. That is true. But let me give you a relevant example:

Those who had the opportunity to visit Ayatollah Khomeini during his exile years in Iraq before his return to Iran and his assumption of the leadership of the Islamic Republic, can well remember the support he was receiving from the Iraqi governments, including Saddam’s. Iraq was giving him asylum for many long years and provided him with security, including during years that Saddam was at odds with the shah and the two countries were at the verge of war. If your argument was correct, then Khomeini should have also been considered a traitor and should not have become the future Imam. Your argument is not correct, however. Accepting support from a foreign country when one’s country is under dictatorship is not in and of itself treason. There must be some other factors involved. If you have proof that Marzieh was a traitor, then you should share it with us.

Anonymous said...

MKO is not an opposition entity, like calling the alqaeda an opposition.

MKO are a bunch of zealots, terrorists, Iranian scums... losers.

sorry but yes punishment deserving 5000 misled bastards.

you like Marzieh .. OK feel free to like her, but do not change the history

God Bless you and all Iranians except the MKO terrorists.


Anonymous said...

@ illuminati
your emotions are understandable, but please leave some nostalgic room for our Mr Uskowi.

You know what Mr Uskowi, Marzie was a saint and we shall pray for her soul.

Sir Dariush London

Nader Uskowi said...

Darius jan,
She was not a saint, but thanks for praying for her soul!

Anonymous said...

Khomeini's presence in Iraqi is not comparable to the MEK's support by Saddam because, for one thing, Saddam had waged a war of aggression against Iran and desired to conquer Iranian lands and used the MEK for those purposes. Furthermore, the fact that Marzieh joined the MEK after their betrayal to the nation and people of Iran does not reduce her crime but actually makes it worse. She should have known better than to join a criminal terrorist organization that had betrayed Iran. She was thus a traitor to the nation and people of Iran.

Anonymous said...

last anon,

I agree with you but for the sake of "unity" we shall leave the judgment of her actions in life to our all creator and history.

Unity is more important now that the US/Israeli attempt to tear Iran into pieces seems imminent.

so for the time being, screw Marzie and what she did or didn't