Thursday, October 28, 2010

US Sanctions Against Iran Shipping Companies

The US Department of the Treasury announced on Wednesday the designation of 37 front companies based in Germany, Malta, and Cyprus for being owned or controlled by, or acting on behalf of, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and its affiliates. The Treasury also sanctioned five Iranian individuals who were managing these companies. The designation would practically prevent the companies to process banking transactions or obtaining liability insurance needed to run their operations.

- Fifteen shipping companies, each the registered owner of a vessel already on US Treasury’s List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN List), as blocked property of IRISL, and 15 holding companies that own the shipping companies. All of the holding companies and shipping companies are based at the same address in Hamburg, Germany.

- Six companies are based at the same address in Malta, and one in Cyprus.

- The five Iranian individuals sanctioned:

  • Mohamad Talai, manager of the 11 Hamburg-based holding companies and an authorized representative of IRISL Europe.
  • Mansour Eslami, co-manager of several of the Hamburg-based holding companies and also a director of IRISL, Maltta.
  • Ahmad Sarkandi, the director of all IRISL front companies in Malta and director of IRISL UK, He also manages Lancelin Shipping, a Cyprus-based IRISL company.
  • Ghasem Nabipour, the Managing Director and a principal shareholder of Soroush Sarzamin Asatir Ship Management Company.
  • Naser Bateni, the managing director for HTTS Hanseatic Trade Trust and Shipping GmbH, and IRISL Europe GmbH.

For a complete list of the individuals and entities designated by US Treasury, visit here.


Anonymous said...

They are being sanctioned for over 30 years now and they are doing what has to be done

They shall be sanctioned for another 30 years and they shall keep doing what they are doing.

Its just that every new generation will have to be told and this announcements and reformulations are just for their sake ... meaning a supposed media presure..

as always useless for those whoe k ow the details.

Bless Iran


Anonymous said...

More impotent posturing by the Zionist muppet Stuart Levey. As if Iranian shipping companies are planning on opening branch offices in the US?

These are just desperate PR stunts, as the US well knows that Iran has 8 land borders, multi-modal transportation hubs connecting it with Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. It has complete access and control over the Persian Gulf. It has ports and shipping routes via Chah Bahar to the Indian Ocean and beyond. It has expanded railway and road routes to Central Asia and Europe. I wonder how stupid these AIPAC controlled Zionists in the bankrupt US "Treasury" really are? They are only hurting the bankrupt US economy by not engaging a huge educated Iranian market of over 75 million with growing purchasing power. The days of "sanctions" are LONG GONE as power has shifted to Asia. What are they going to do next? BLOCKADE CHINA?