Saturday, October 2, 2010

Iran Confirms Cyber Attacks on Nuclear Facilities - UPDATE

The Iranian Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi said in Tehran today that the authorities have arrested several “nuclear spies” engaged in cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities [IRIB, 3 October]. Moslehi added that the authorities had prevented them to cause destruction in those facilities. He did not name the facilities.

“The intelligence agents have discovered the destructive activities of the arrogance (US/the West) in cyberspace, and different ways to confront them have been designed and implemented," Moslehi said.

"I assure all citizens that the intelligence apparatus currently has complete supervision on cyberspace and will not allow any leak or destruction of our country's nuclear activities."

"We have always faced the destructive action of these (spy) services and a number of nuclear spies have been arrested," Moslehi added.

The announcement by the intelligence minister confirms reports that the malicious software code Stuxnet has infected computers in Iran, and the attackers were probably aiming to gain access to controller systems at Bushehr nuclear reactor and probably at Natanz uranium enrichment unit. By saying that the authorities have “currently” complete supervision on cyberspace, Moslehi comes close to confirming the reports that the attackers had indeed gained access to controllers at the nuclear facilities.

UPDATE (Tue 5 October): The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters in Tehran on Tuesday that the Stuxnet worm found on the laptops of several employees at Bushehr nuclear power plant is part of a covert Western plot to derail Iran’ nuclear program. The comments were the strongest indication yet that the Iranian leaders believe that a Western sabotage against the country’s nuclear facilities is at work.


Anonymous said...

reality is iran and usa they are in full skill of war start it from last year ago from election that try to take away from right to wrong know faize two has comming in line cyber war intellegant war and road block in pakistan againest usa is usa truly losing the war in afghanistan ? it is matter of short time require to final lunch againest usa are they usa in big sleep ?does not see what is comming to them ?it is so many question that time and future will tel.

Anonymous said...

A Kaspersky Lab expert about Stuxnet:

Anonymous said...

You can talk all day about graphs and statistics but reality is that Indian and Indonesian leaders are pretty calm compared to amadinejad who is having to deal with this very real cyber attack which he brought upon himself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to mr.Uskowi for his comments.

When we're talking about secret state agencies there's of course always the possibility of false flag ops (diverting attention from yourself by implicating others).
In this respect there have been some peculiar incidents like the 2009 infiltration of the US power grid (SCADA being already involved back then) and the early 2010 Baidu domain name hack by the "Iranian Cyber Army" (China and Iran being strategic allies and all)

However, despite the relentless paranoia among Iranian rulers, they still don't have a clue what they're up against:
once upon a time there was this war that lasted 5 years in which half a million tons of bombs were dropped all over Asia. Many years later, still a long long time ago (few people remember this), there were these 3 puny Asian countries with hardly 50 million inhabitants but in approx. the same stretch of time 3.000.000 of them died and 1.000.000 tons of bombs were dropped on them... there was no "war on terror" yet in those days (Osama was a mere adolescent with only girls and shiny cars on his mind... nowadays he would've still been twittering and watching MTV).

Well, between then and the present day more than 30 years of advances in military obliteration techniques have passed !!!

Weapons of Mass Deception

Anonymous said...

Stuxnet is now seen in Germany
about 15 Customers of siemens Report thir SCADA is infected.

Israel is a dangerous Virus, a danger not only for Iran, but also for its own Ally Germany.

Anonymous said...

it is now neutralized in Iran.

Mr. K said...

World War 3 has begun!

Anonymous said...

Worm? There is no worm. This never happened. We must research this!

Don Cox said...

If it wasn't for the West, there would be no cyberspace to attack. All of Iran's computer technology is imported.