Saturday, October 9, 2010

Iran Denies Abduction Was Linked to Nuclear Plant

Isfahan judiciary authorities today confirmed the abduction of Amir Hossein Shirani in the city of Isfahan. But the prosecutor general of Isfahan, Qolam Reza Ansari, denied reports that Shirani was an employee of Isfahan Nuclear Conversion Unit.

Earlier in the week, the militant Baluchi organization Jundallah had claimed responsibility for the abduction of Shirani, saying he was an employee of the nuclear plant. Jundallah has in the past abducted government employees in Baluchistan, its area of operation bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. But operating in Isfahan, in the center of the country, would be a new undertaking for the outlawed group.


Anonymous said...

According to thr IANA an Ex-driver of Agency, joint later to a drug-gang
sure a key-employee

a very important Development

Anonymous said...

Dear Iranian leadership, all those traitors and spies who are infesting your peaceful nuclear program should be severely punished and if the law allows the death penalty should be applied same as in the "land of the free"

Anonymous said...

no news over Iran coming from the west should be accepted at face value.

compare it with Irans version and divide it through the nummber of your brain cells...and there you find the truth

Sir Dariush London

Persicus Maximus said...

@ Dariush

:) I could not have put it better myself

Mehdi said...

By all means you can safely and simply call them a terrorist group, instead of the ambiguous description, militant Baluchi organization.
If you prefer a longer title it would be: a terrorist group of drug/human traffickers.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 3:46 AM, Sir Darius London $ Persicus,

The abduction was confirmed by Isfahan prosecutor, as noted. He is by no means a "non-Iranian" source, unless you count him as such. We also said in the post that the prosecutor has denied the abducted person was an employee of Isfahan nuclear plant. Doesn't take much brain cells, as referred to by Sir Darius London, to figure out that this story originated in Iran and by Iranians!