Friday, October 1, 2010

Police Chief Warns Against Riots and Civil Disobedience

NAJA's Brig. Gen. Esmail Ahmadi-Moghdam
Photo: Press TV

NAJA (Iran’s national police) chief Brig. Gen. Esmail Ahmadi-Moghdam warned the participants in today’s Friday’s Prayer in Tehran that the enemies might want to take advantage of people’s economic hardships created by sanctions.

“Perhaps people’s tolerance for even slight and limited hardship is low… By way of economic pressure, (the enemies) would want to create riots, insecurity, and civil disobedience in the society,” Gen. Ahmadi-Moghdam said [Fars News Agency, 1 October].

“They [the enemies] have launched a protracted psychological war against us and today they are after exploiting the (economic) threats in their favor,” he added.

NAJA Chief’s delivery of a pre-sermon speech at Friday’s Prayer in Tehran is highly unusual and it could represent the government’s fear that the worsening economic conditions in the country in the wake of the current sanctions could trigger popular discontent and even “riots and civil disobedience” as Gen. Ahmadi-Moghdam says.

For an extensive report of Gen. Ahmadi-Moghdam’s remarks (in Farsi), please see:


WMD said...

if the "19790509 registry key value" and "Myrte" references in this story are correct, it would seem that NOT a state actor (which would have kept this worm secret and potent as long as possible)
but rather a powerful Iranian expat or Jewish(-Iranian) private group would likely be responsible for this attack.

Although there have been some incidents at Bushehr like "unannounced" explosions (AA-exercises?) and a fighter jet crash, possible damages would rather be temporary (hence another startup delay) while damages at Natanz would've been far more damaging (escape of radioactive material). However, no incidents have been caught on IAEA cameras, although there's been a remarkable decrease in LEU output.

That's the risk of continuing to use western binary, closed source applications (and Russian technicians)!

Anonymous said...

Always looking for unrest and Demos.

typical Exil iranian Behaivor, since 30 years.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 3:35 PM,

Gen. Moghadam is not in exile, he is the chief of Iranian national police. Riots and civil disobedience are his words, and represents his genuine concern over worsening economic situation. He is a thoughtful officer, I met him in Tehran in 2006. If you believe he is mistaken in his analysis, then please tell us where and how.

Anonymous said...

While some might call it a riot and civil unrest, there are those on the opposite side of the golden handshake who might call it a revolution to take the country back from the regime.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, when amadinejad gets his components off the black market, you don't know who exactly your dealing with... and sometimes you get bit by the bug.