Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iran Military Day Parade 2010 (1)

Amended 4/19/10
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Surprise! Iranian S-300 variant launcher
atop a Babr series tank carrier.

Front view of Babr carrier and S-300 variant missile tubes

Top view: Iranian S-300 variant missile tubes

Video still, rear section of Iranian S-300 variant launcher

Sofreh Mahi (stingray) stealth drone

Stealth aircraft concept model

Motorized ATV 4x4 RPG7 Teams

Motorized RPG7 Teams appear to be the best equipped ever

Iranian MRBM chronology: First, the Shahab-3 (Meteor)

Second, the Ghadr-1 (Intensity)

Third, the Sejjil-2 (Lethal Stone)

Self-propelled Ra'd strike missile

IRIAF F-4E Phantom II flyover, Tehran

IRIAF MiG-29 flyover, Tehran

Photos and video stills: Fars News Agency, IRIB, IRINN


Anonymous said...

Attack Iran,even think about it is a mad act.The world will suffer,if a war with Iran begins,global securtiy won´t be the same,nobody can guarantee that.I am sure iranians are not so naive as arabs,and have not revealed all its cards.

davood said...

i am very suprised about the babr (s-300?) .

Anonymous said...

These look like the HQ-9s wich are overhauled S-300s produce by the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Surprising, S-300 is there.
what a good news

Anonymous said...

As I had mentioned in another thread this is the one of the 30 batteries of HQ-9 that Iran has obtained form China along with technology transfer since 2009. This a great technological coup for Iran and a great boost for its increasingly effective AD network. China had indeed proved to be a solid dependable all weather ally and a strategic partner.

The HQ-9 is a modern mobile strategic SAM system roughly analogous to the Russian-made S-300PMU (SA-10B GRUMBLE). The HQ-9 has a range of 100 kilometers, an increase over the S-300PMU's 90 kilometer maximum range but less than that of the S-300PMU-1's 150 kilometers. The containerized missiles are carried in groups of four on the back of wheeled TELs very similar in design to that of the S-300P's 5P85. Target prosecution is handled by the HT-233 phased-array radar system, mounted on a wheeled chassis in a configuration very similar to that employed by the S-300PMU, which mounts the 30N6 (FLAP LID) engagement radar on a MAZ-7910 chassis. The HT-233 radar is likely capable of engaging multiple targets thanks to its phased-array construction.

Iran's domestic SAM systems along with the Chinese SA-2, Iranian upgraded SAYYED 2, Russian Tor 1 (SA15) SA-6, French Roland, Iranain Shaheen (improved HAWKS), Feimeng 80 (Chinese Crotale)and many others including MANPADS like Stingers, Misagh 1 & 2 and SA-16 IGLA would be formidable deterrent for any insane enemy that thinks that Iran can be attacked with impunity. There are many more surprises. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

ahahahah what funny looking soldiers.. I don't think there is another country in the world that fields such silly looking military men! hahahahaha wow... look at the guys on the four wheelers. what is that supposed to be? mobile anti aircraft??? LOL. get real.. must sting that they are still using F-4 phantoms.. aren't those the fighter planes that the 'great satan' used in vietnam? lol what a joke

vulcan933 said...

proud to see the advanced weapons displayed by the iranians.they are able to maintain and even develop the technologies available.

Unknown said...
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Cool Dude said...

First they said that we could not survive the sanctions and isolation, but we did. Then they said we could not survive the Saddam invasion... we did and in fact almost conquered them back. They said we could not even make an engine, we did manufacture hybrid engines. They said we are way behind in science, now we are in top 25 countries on Earth. They said we could not go on our own, if the world isolated us on the nuclear program, we ended up surviving it and now launching more advanced centrifuges and mining our own uranium. They said we could not build ballistic missiles... now we have solid-fueled advanced missiles.. they said we could not send a kite to the sky, we sen't a satellite of our own. Then they said we could not produce air-defence weaponry, and here we go the s-300....let's see if this is another accomplished task!???!!

Anonymous said...

when the US gives 6 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan, then they should not be surprised when China plays the same tactic.

Iran seems the beneficiary here.

and one more word to the anon (April 18, 2010 10:38 PM)

you may if you brush your teeth, gag on ma....big Persian pride ;)

Anonymous said...

Those S300 tubes are fake. Oil drums welded together

Anonymous said...

umm actually iranians have the smallest recorded penises on earth...

Sina said...

About the S300: Its stupid and dangerous to place explosives that can wipe out a whole town on show, especially in a parade where diplomats and generals are spectating. Just incase a Mossad crypto-Jew decides to go suicidal and shoot the thing.

So yes, the s300's in the picture the are ofcourse not real, do you really think they'll put on show the real thing? Even the Soviets used mockups in their parades.

And for those dumbo anti-Persians, why do you idiots even bother commenting, go elsewhere with your idiocracy. Go drink some budweiser and masturbate, we don't require your filthy energy, so stop looking at our pictures.