Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great Prophet 5 Maneuvers (5)

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IRGCAF Sukhoi Su-25K and Su-25UBK

Iran M-08 type contact mines

IRGC "12 m" patrol boat firing a Hoot (whale)
supercavitation torpedo

Fadjr-3 240mm MRLS being uncloaked and
readied by civilian dressed operators

An IRGC Colonel (Sarhang) manning an adapted
Shipunov 2A42 30 mm automatic cannon

IRGC guardsman armed with PKM general purpose machine gun

Iranian equivalent MK19 Mod 3 type 40 mm grenade launcher,
equipped with NV scope

Covered ZU-23-2 autocannon position

Fajr rockets display

Major General Jafari (right) beside two other IRGC Major Generals

Qatar military observers of Great Prophet 5 (Payambar-e Azam)

Photos/video stills: Fars News Agency, Mehr News Agency, IRINN


Paul Iddon said...

loving those Su-25's

always liked the Frogfoot!

Anonymous said...

That is not a NV scope on the Mk19.