Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Prophet 5 Maneuvers (1)

Iran news videos: IRGC naval maneuvers in the Persian Gulf.

Later section of video depicts attack exercise on target vessel, using IRGCN high-speed patrol boats (HSPBs).

Videos: PressTV and IRINN


Anonymous said...

what a joke 95% of their missile fire misses the stationary target ship and they are only a couple hundred of meters away...if they try this crap against a western navy they will have their ass handed to them

Anonymous said...

miss anon ..above

that shows your extensive experience , does not include differentiating a manouvere staged for the camera and a real conflict.

but OK of that makes u feel better.

keep sitting on the same "fist" again and again and again.

Bless Iran, since GOD is with Iran