Monday, April 19, 2010

Iran Military Day Parade 2010 (4)

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Type-72Z main battle tank (MBT)

T-72S main battle tank

M60A1 main battle tank equipped with ERA tiles

M113 armored personnel carrier (APC), armed with MGD-12.7 (DShK) heavy machine gun (HMG)

BTR-60 armored personnel carrier

M548 all-terrain tracked carrier armed with
MGD-12.7 (DShK) heavy machine gun

Tosan (fury) combat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked) CVR(T),
armed with MRLS

Chieftain based combat engineering vehicles (CEVs) including an armored vehicle launched bridge (AVLB)

M107 175 mm self-propelled gun

M110 8 inch (203 mm) self-propelled howitzer

GHN-45 155 mm howitzer

Towed M101A1 105 mm howitzers

Oerlikon GDF-002 (Samavat) 35 mm twin cannon AAA

Safir light utility vehicle armed with Toophan (typhoon) ATGM

Safir armed with 107 mm (12-round) rocket launcher (Haseb)

Iran Army light strike vehicle armed with
MGD-12.7 (DShK) heavy machine gun

Motorized PKM-t80 (PKMS) gunners

Motorized Misagh MANPADS teams

Photo credits:
- Borna News Agency: Mohammad Shiri, Fatemeh Behboudi, Azizallah Moshfeghi
- Iranian Students News Agency: Hamed Tahamtan, Salar Nayerhooda, Mohshen Rashidi, Alireza Sotakba, Ali Safari
- Iranian Labour News Agency: Hadi Yazdani
- Chavosh Homavandi


Anonymous said...

I see , this years parade has caused a lot of insecurities amongst Irans local enemies.

I see some of Rusputin lookalikes... Children of Abraham, calling Iranian names.

This all means Iran is doing something very right.(militarily)please all ignore the insults and enjoy the pics..

Bless Iran

Anonymous said...

...."I see some of Rusputin lookalikes... Children of Abraham, calling Iranian names. "

lol... why don't you just say it straigt out... "The jews cursing Iranians".

You really don't have to feel bad about criticizing people of the jewish faith. Iranians have NOT gased them or killed them like the Nazis. You have every right to call your dogs "Blondy" or tell Jewish jokes as you tell Isfahani jokes.

Apart from that the Israelis are Zionists and not Jewish being a Zionist is like being for Apartheid or the KKK or Al-qaida.

Namely simply inhuman & wrong and time will make it right.

so dude stay cool and give it to them loool and I agree with you bless Iran.

Anonymous said...

I liked :-)

FcukJuice said...

Well done Iran, we all love you. IRan and China, give the world hope!

The jewws need to stick their noses where they're good at, inbetween the legs of little children and their pocket sized spermified talmud. Shalom

Anonymous said...

as a former /Iranian military officer, I am proud of what they have done without help of other powers, long live Iran, long live united Iran against local arab governments in Persian Gulf region

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all iranians for backing the palestinian people and i hope that one day they cleanse all the arab and muslim world of the cancer they live with ...all the proxy governments and the people that support them, shame on all of you shame on you saudis for not cleaning your country of the al saud cancer and god bless iran and palestine

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25 PM

So in which branch of the military did you serve in?

Anonymous said...


So far an 49 year old Iranian diplomat in Brazil was caught out in a public swimming pool groping nine year old girls.Their parents wanted to kill him if it wasn't for the Brazilian police that intervened.
When he went back to Iran he was honored by his government,sick weirdos.
You seem like a bigot to me who hates Jews and anybody else that doesn't fit into your narrow mind.
Oh and by the way,I'm a full blooded Iranian that doesn't take kindly to paranoid haters of Jews or anyone else of different religions.

Anonymous said...

Hahaa, thanks for the laugh. GL