Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iran 65th Airborne Brigade (on exercise)

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Assembled element of the elite 65th Airborne Brigade,
armed with MPT-9 (MP5) SMGs

Parading elements of the brigade, in Stechschritt.

Special Forces hauling Abseiling gear.

Wall section of the obstacle course,
undertaken in battle gear

Low Rail section of the obstacle course

In the field: PKM general purpose machine gun

Ambush exercise in full Ghillie suits

CT Commandos armed with Iranian Uzi SMGs

Commandos armed with KLT (AKMS) and PC-9 (P226).
Note the use of night vision helmet mounts.

Photos: Mehr News Agency, Pg. 1 and Pg. 2

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Anonymous said...

nice picture. proud your country used your own manufactured weapons. we should not relied on foreign weapons as we are exposed to sanction.