Saturday, April 24, 2010

Iran sanctions an act of war - Ron Paul

A short speech by Texas Congressman and former Presidential Nominee Ron Paul in which he points out the fallacies of imposing sanctions and attacking Iran over its nuclear programme comparing them to the propaganda that started up the disaster that was the invasion of Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Drums of war are beating again in the US ... and Iran knows it too.

Anonymous said...

This tactic of trojan horse by using innocuous civilian commercial trucks is a very good technique for asymmetrical warfare and total surprise. Iran's Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea coastline
is 2,440 km (1,516 mi). The shoreline on the Caspian Sea is 740km (460 mi). Iran's territory includes several islands in the Persian Gulf and the coastline is dotted with caves, coves, natural inlets and many topograpical contours ideal for missile and submarine ambushes. Iran has recently activated many new naval bases, including a major naturally protected harbour at Jask. Iranian coastal batteries alone can dominate the Persian Gulf with long-range free flight missiles like the 230mm Fajr 3, Zel-Zel, Oghab,Nazeat etc. Even the GHN-45 long-range artillery with base bleed ammo can hit targets on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf including all oil installations. Iran's missile, rocket and long range artillery holdings are so large, decentralized to local Artesh (military) and IRGC commands and well dispersed that it would be impossible to neutralize them even with 24/7 air sorties for years. Hezbollah operating in barely 440 sq kms theatre of operations in largely flat terrain of Southern Lebanon exposed the impotency of much hyped Zionist airforce which was not able to silence even the realtively primitive 122mm Katyushas right until the ceasefire after 33 days of stunning Hezbollah resistance including the disabling of Zionist corvette Hanit with older model C-802. Iran's SSM inventory is far more lethal including supersonic Russian Sunburns and Yakhonts.
Iran's coastline from Khuzestan to Sistan is well over 1500 kms long and humanly impossible to seal off. If the US ever made the insane decision of a suicidal military confrontation with Iran, it would need at least 2-3 million soldiers just to secure the coast. Based on their pathetic decade long failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (both basically primitive defenceless nations), taking on Iran is beyond the realm of even the most delusional.