Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Prophet 5 Maneuvers (2)

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IRGCN patrol boats armed with 107 mm (x11) MRLS and bow mounted MGD-12.7 (DShK) heavy machine gun (HMG).

Attack wave of of RIB-33 based patrol boats
armed with 107 mm (x11) MRLS

107 mm rocket fire

Practice target vessel is ex-Iraq Navy Polnocny class
amphibious assault ship

Multiple hits scored by attacking patrol boat formation

Surveying the damage inflicted on the wrecked target vessel

Aftermath. Note multiple penetration of the
hull by 107 mm AP rounds

Below: IRIS (IRGCN) P313-2 Nasr Thondar class missile craft
Above: IRGC(N) Air Force Mil Mi-17-1(Sh) helicopter

Photos: Mahdi Marizad at Fars News Agency

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